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Which Lost Ark Class Is Best For You

Lost Ark is an upcoming MMORPG with exciting an exciting gameplay system. With tons of specialized classes to pick from, new players might be a little overwhelmed. In this guide, we’ll help you decide which class works best for you.

Classes In Lost Ark


Martial Artist




Classes In Lost Ark

Lost Ark’s class list might seem underwhelming at first, with only five initial options to choose from. However, classes get way more in-depth once you actually start playing them. Each class has three or more sub-classes, each one featuring their own unique playstyles, animations, weapon types, and much more. But before you can get to sub-classes, let’s go over main classes first.


Warriors are the powerhouses of Arkesia, and serve as Lost Ark’s main tanking class. What they lack in speed they make up for in hard-hitting attacks and supreme survivability. These are the iconic, heavy-plate-wearing blade masters of the game, so fans of that archetype should look no further.

Lost Ark Warrior ImageLost Ark Warrior Image

If you’re a fan of tanking in other games, Warrior is going to be your best bet. The Paladin subclass is your generic, tried and true sword and board archetype, which many players might find appearing. Those looking for more offensive options can look towards the dual-wielding Berserker, and those looking for something more unique can check out the awesome Gunlancer sub-class.

Martial Artist

Martial Artists are a DPS-focused class with fast attacks and lots of mobility. Each sub-class in this class takes a unique, martial-arts focussed approach to style, meaning you’re going to be chaining a lot of punch and kicks into unique and hard-hitting combos.

Lost Ark Ma ImageLost Ark Ma Image

This class is made for players who love monk archetypes and kung-fu movies. Anime fans should also be excited to know that one of the archetypes features very familiar beam attacks.


Gunner is another DPS class unique to Lost Ark. It separates itself from Martial Artist by having a focus on ranged attacks, and a unique gunslinger aesthetic. That is for every sub-class except Sharpshooter, which uses a powerful bow.

Lost Ark Gunner ImageLost Ark Gunner Image

Gunner has a unique aesthetic you won’t see in a lot of other MMORPGS. Its use of guns and flashy attacks makes it an iconic addition to the game. It makes use of incredibly flashy attacks, inspired by games like Devil May Cry, so it’ll definitely be a fun class to look at while playing.


These mystical conjurers tap into ancient and powerful magic to cast spells, allowing them to damage enemies with deadly elemental magic or heal and support allies around them. This class are the only real “magic” users of the game, making the most of the magician aesthetic and with the most impactful spells.

Lost Ark Mage ImageLost Ark Mage Image

This class currently only has two subclasses, Sorcerer and Bard. Bard is the main healer of the game, with the most impactful supporting spells you can find in any classes. This means that Bard is going to be a class in super high demand in PvE and PvP content.


Assassin is the final class in the game, and one with some of the most interesting archetypes. These fast, death-dealing melee DPS classes use flashy demonic abilities to overwhelm an enemy with a flurry of attacks, leaving them dead before they have a chance to respond.

Lost Ark Assassin ImageLost Ark Assassin Image

Assassins are fast attack backline killers; They sacrifice the range of other DPS classes for more speed, and the survivability of other melee classes for more damage. They kill fast and clean, because they don’t want to give enemies a chance to strike back. This is a great class for players who love to dip in and out of combat with stealth, speed, and cunning.

That’s everything you need to know about Lost Ark classes! We hope this guide helps you make a decision on which class to play first. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to check out our other Tryhard guides for even more helpful guides and breaking gaming news.

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