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Where to find the quarry in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock just released and many fans of the original are joining, ready for a new adventure from Pathea Games. However, Sandrock differs from My Time at Portia in that resources are severely restricted in quantity. This can leave the player looking for items and materials like clay and certain ores deep into the game.

While they’re more difficult to find, it becomes easier once you know what you’re looking for. Most of the more valuable resources are found deeper and deeper underground. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find The Quarry and get different ores and materials that you might find there.

Where is The Quarry in My Time at Sandrock

Technically, The Quarry is the area located on the builder’s side of the tracks. So that means the area behind the builder’s house and in front of Eufala Salvage is The Quarry. Here you can find rocks, salvage materials, and animals that you can use to craft, cook, or improve your gear.

A man hits a rock in front of a scrap gateA man hits a rock in front of a scrap gate
Image: Pathea Games

If you need to mine for quartz, your best bet is to look in the rocks in The Quarry behind the player’s house. While not guaranteed, you can usually find a couple of quartz by breaking up the gravel or hard rocks. Quartz becomes invaluable later in the game when you want to enhance the quality of your different items.

If you need ores like copper and tin, you should head into the Eufala Salvage ruins, which become accessible after the player builds the lift. Once unlocked, players can head into those ruins in search of mysterious relics as well as precious materials. Better ore can be found in more ruins around the town later in the story.

Unlike the ruins, players have unfettered access to The Quarry anytime they want. Since it’s behind their house, they can access these materials at any point without an additional cost.

That’s all you need to know about finding The Quarry in My Time at Portia. Be sure to head to the My Time at Sandrock section of our website for more information and guides on the game!

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