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Where to find Boom Slimes in Slime Rancher 2

Slime Rancher 2 will have you wrangling slimes, feeding them, and selling what comes out of them for big profits. As you embark on your adventure, you will no doubt want to unlock and discover everything the game has to offer. If you’re looking to locate yourself some Boom Slimes, we’ll tell you exactly where you need to go in the game.

How to get Boom Slimes in Slime Rancher 2

To find Boom Slimes in Slime Rancher 2, you will need to head to Ember Valley Island into either cave inside of the volcano or to the lava fields nearby. These are both located on the western side of the island, and Boom Slimes can be found wandering and within pools of lava in the area.

Ember Valley Island can be unlocked by popping the Pink Gordo. Once you’ve arrived at the island, just continue west and you will eventually run into the volcano and lava fields. They can be a dangerous place as touching the lava will deal damage to your character.

Slime Rancher 2 Boom Slime Map ImageSlime Rancher 2 Boom Slime Map Image
Map of Boom Slime locations

These areas are also home to Crystal, Fire, and Batty Slimes which can make for good profit generating options at your farm. If you continue to the west, you will eventually encounter the Boom Gordo.

Boom Slime are a bit tricky in that they do explode from time-to-time, but this doesn’t kill the slime. It will deal damage if you’re too close, so make sure to grab them before they can blow up.

Slime Rancher 2 Boom Slime Example ImageSlime Rancher 2 Boom Slime Example Image
Example of a Boom Slime in game

If you want to get double the plorts for these explosive little troublemakers, you will need to feed them Briar Hens. This is a different type of chicken that can be found around the lava fields where you can catch the Boom Slime!

We hope this helped you find yourself some Boom Slimes to add to your collection in the game. We have more how-to guides for Slime Rancher 2 if you need more assistance!

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