What do Diamonds do in Pet Simulator X?

If you are just starting out in the new Pet Simulator X, you might have a fair amount of questions on how the game works. Well, overall it’s a pretty standard simulator game that will have you collecting coins and diamonds to purchase pets. You can also use coins to open up new areas of the map, which you will allow you to earn more currency and upgrade your pets. However, diamonds are a bit more confusing, because their use in the early part of the game isn’t clear. We’ll let you know what you can do with this currency in our guide!

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Getting diamonds in the game is fairly simple, but it’s a slow process. You will get them randomly by sending your pets to break open boxes, presents, and chests. There’s a rare chance for a diamond pile to spawn, which you can break open with your pets. Ranking up your character will also get you diamonds, so try to level up as fast as possible!

Diamonds Guide

Diamonds in Pet Simulator X are used for a variety of things, but are mainly used to upgrade your character and your pets. You will be able to do more with them as you progress through the stages in the game.

Diamonds in the first stage of the game will allow you to roll for a golden version of your pet. This is a pretty risky thing because you have a small chance to get one, and you will lose your pet if it doesn’t work. You would use this mostly just to get rid of old pets that you aren’t using anymore, so you get a small chance to upgrade them into something useful.

If you pay 10,000 Coins to go to the second area, however, you will find a very good use for Diamonds. You can use them to pay for upgrades for your character and pets.

Roblox Pet Simulator X Diamonds Upgrades ImageRoblox Pet Simulator X Diamonds Upgrades Image

This is where you’ll upgrade your Player Speed, Pet Strength, Pet Speed, Orbs Reach, Diamonds, and increase your Pet Storage. You will likely be spending your Diamonds on these upgrades for the most part, so make sure to save them up if you can!

Player Speed is going to be one you invest in early, because your character is pretty slow. Pet Strength is also quite useful, because it helps break open those higher HP chests and boxes.

That’s everything we know about diamonds in Pet Simulator X currently. Be sure to get out into the game and start sending your pets to harvest them so you can upgrade your character!

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