Wacky Wizards Gingerbread Update – Potions & Ingredients!

Roblox Wacky Wizards updates weekly, and when that release happens we tend to get some new ingredients to use and potions to brew. We will be covering all aspects of this new patch in this post, and will feature all of the details you will need to know to collect the new stuff and get creating some of those great new potions!

You can find every potion that exists in the game with our Wacky Wizards Potions List post!

Wacky Wizards Gingerbread Update

The Gingerbread update for Wacky Wizards has been released on December 8th, 2021! The Gingerbread ingredient has been added to the game, which can be obtained by placing TNT around the house that spawns near the desert/graveyard area.

Here’s our guide on how to get the Gingerbread Man ingredient. It’s pretty simple, all you need to do is bring the Dynamite ingredient over to the house and place it in four different spot inside of it. Once you’ve placed all of the Dynamite, just brew a Dynamite potion and bring it to the house. Drink it right in front of the fireplace and you will blow the house up. Go back to the house and you will find the Gingerbread Man waiting for you!

Gingerbread Man ingredient in Wacky WizardsGingerbread Man ingredient in Wacky Wizards

Currently known new potions:

  • 344: Santa Potion – Gingerbread Man (Become Santa)
  • 345: Xmas-bee potion – Gingerbread Man + Honey (Become an xmas bee!)
  • 346: Xmas-spine potion – Gingerbread Man + Walking Cane (Get an xmas spine!)
  • 347: Ginger-arms potion – Gingerbread Man + Pool Noodle (Get gingerbread arms!)
  • 348: Ginger-legs potion – Gingerbread Man + Giraffe Hoof (Get gingerbread legs!)
  • 349: Grinch potion – Gingerbread Man + Spider (Become a grinch!)
  • 350: Skis potion – Gingerbread Man + Fish (Get skis!)
  • 351: Present-grenade potion – Gingerbread Man + Dynamite (Get a present grenade)
  • 352: Present-poop potion – Gingerbread Man + Rotten Sandwich (Poop presents!)
  • 353: Present-gloves potion – Gingerbread Man + Boxing Gloves (Get present boxing gloves!)
  • 354: Present potion – Gingerbread Man + You (Become a present!)
  • 355: Giant-snowball potion – Gingerbread Man + Giant’s Ear (Roll a giant snowball)
  • 356: Present-bomb potion – Gingerbread Man + Chilli (Get a present bomb)
  • P160: Xmas-tree potion – Gingerbread Man + Magic Seed (Become an xmas tree!)
  • P161: Rocket-sled potion – Gingerbread Man + Wheel (Become a rocket powered santa sled!)
  • P162: Ninjaflake potion – Gingerbread Man + Anime Sword of Destiny (Get a snowflake ninjastar!)
  • P163: Sansrider-motorcycle potion – Undead + Chilli + Wheel (Get a sansrider motorcycle!)

If you’re a cauldron collector, you will find the Computer is now available for 3,000 Gems:

Wacky Wizards Computer CauldronWacky Wizards Computer Cauldron

Last Week’s Update

Last week’s release was Christmas Update Part 1! It brought in the winter theme to the game, and the ability to collect Candy Canes. These are the holiday currency that you will need to obtain items that are special for the season.

There were technically two ingredients added, which are the Snowball and the 2021 Snowman. Snowballs can be found in piles all around the map, and are used to for throwing at targets. You can also throw one into your cauldron to make a potion. The 2021 Snowman is purchased with 1,800 Candy Canes, and is a permanent ingredient.

Here’s a list of the Christmas update potions:

  • 343: Snowball-morph potion – Snowball (Become a ball of snow!)
  • P144: Snowman potion – 2021 Snowman (Become a snowman!)
  • P145: Candycane-arms potion – 2021 Snowman + Pool Noodle (Get candy cane arms!)
  • P146: Candycane-legs potion – 2021 Snowman + Giraffe Hoof (get candy cane legs!)
  • P147: Candycane-sword potion – Walking Cane + Corn + 2021 Snowman (Get candy cane sword!)
  • P148: Light-headed potion – 2021 Snowman + Brain (Become light headed!)
  • P149: Elf potion – 2021 Snowman + Fairy (Become santa’s little helper!)
  • P150: Festive-zombie potion – 2021 Snowman + Undead (Become a festive zombie!)
  • P151: Gingerbread Man potion – 2021 Snowman + Giant’s Ear (Run run as fast as you can!)
  • P152: Hot-coco potion – 2021 Snowman + Beans (HOT CHOCOLATE!)
  • P153: Ornament-grenade potion – 2021 Snowman + Dynamite (Christmas boom!)
  • P154: Snowman-pet potion – 2021 Snowman + Pet Tags (Get a pet snowman!)
  • P155: Snowflake-firework potion – 2021 Snowman + Chilli (Become a snowflake firework!)
  • P156: Festive-hat potion – 2021 Snowman + You (Get a festive hat)
  • P157: Ugly-sweater potion – 2021 Snowman + Fish (Get an ugly sweater)
  • P158: Old-candycane potion – 2021 Snowman + Walking Cane (Become an old person!)
  • P159: Yeti potion – 2021 Snowman + Frozen Egg (Become the abominable snowman)

That’s all of the information on this new update that was released for Wacky Wizards! We will be covering all aspects of these new additions to the game in the Wacky Wizards section of our website.

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