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The Presentation Experience codes

February 03, 2023: We added new Presentation Experience codes!

We have a handy the Presentation Experience codes list that gives you some extra points. Please use these. The quicker you’re done, the quicker we can all party. Do you remember the good old days? Being back in school with all your friends, eager to learn, sitting in silence, hanging on the teachers every word? Yeah, we don’t, and apparently, that’s not how The Presentation Experience on Roblox remembers it either. Instead, it’s time for you to give a presentation on a subject of your choice, and, just like how things really were back in school, the students can interrupt your presentation. Don’t worry. We’re sure it’s riveting.

If this isn’t what you went to school for, or it brings back some bad memories, there are plenty of other titles on the platform. Head over to our list of the best Roblox games to see what our favourites are. We also have other guides such as Legends Rewritten codes, Woman Tower Defense codes, Squid Game codes, Nikeland codes, and True Piece codes – we have too many lists to name.

The Presentation Experience codes

Active codes:

  • maxwellgood – 20 Gems (NEW!)
  • fartyreward – 100 Points
  • manfacepooper – 5x Points for 10 minutes
  • minimalgamespro – 25 Points
  • UwU – 20 Gems
  • Hallway – 10 Gems
  • pencil – 100 Points
  • 5gems – 5 Gems
  • nootnoot – 50 Points
  • Megaboost – 5x Points for 60 seconds

Expired codes:

  • 100MVISITS
  • egg
  • 700kmembers
  • 660kfavourites
  • minibonus
  • 600kmembers
  • takenotes
  • jennahacker
  • chugjug
  • 150KLIKES
  • 500Kmembers
  • emotionaldamage
  • lava
  • Cringe
  • push-ups
  • Poop
  • toilet
  • itsaboutdriveitsaboutpower
  • intensesilence
  • azureoptix –
  • teachermadcuzbad
  • 10points
  • Bookworm
  • NikkoCoder
  • 180klikes
  • 220kmembers
  • 210kmembers
  • 160kmembers
  • santaclaus
  • Christmas
  • 75klikes
  • 20mvisits

A teacher telling ooff a class of students

What are The Presentation Experience codes?

The Presentation Experience codes give you freebies courtesy of The developer, Minimal Games. New codes are available when the game hits milestones, so bookmark this page to stay up to date with the latest goodies.

How do I redeem The Presentation Experience codes?

Redeeming The Presentation Experience codes is straightforward. Just follow these steps

  • Login to Roblox
  • Fire up The Presentation Experience
  • Hit the Twitter bird icon
  • Enter a code into the text box
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy your freebies!

There you have it, all the current The Presentation Experience codes. If you need a break from blocks and education, check out our picks for the best mobile RPGs – go on an adventure and forget the horrors of school.

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