The Best Credit Cards With Airline Inflight Discounts

Credit Cards With Airline Inflight Discounts
Credit Cards With Airline Inflight Discounts

 The Best Credit Cards With Airline Inflight Discounts. The best credit cards for airline inflight discounts can provide a range of benefits for frequent flyers. These might include discounts on inflight purchases, priority boarding, free checked bags, and more. Here’s a general guide to what you might look for in such a card. Note that specific offerings can vary widely, and it’s crucial to check the most up-to-date information as credit card offers can change.

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The Best Credit Cards With Airline Inflight Discounts

Key Features to Consider:

  1. Inflight Discounts:
    • Savings on inflight purchases like meals, beverages, and WiFi.
  2. Mileage Earnings:
    • Earn miles or points for every dollar spent.
    • Bonus miles for airline purchases.
  3. Travel Credits:
    • Annual travel credits that can be used for airline purchases.
  4. Lounge Access:
    • Complimentary or discounted access to airport lounges.
  5. Baggage Benefits:
    • Free checked bags.
    • Priority baggage handling.
  6. Priority Boarding:
    • Early or priority boarding on flights.
  7. Global Entry/TSA PreCheck:
    • Credits for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application fees.
  8. Foreign Transaction Fees:
    • No foreign transaction fees.
  9. Travel Insurance:
    • Trip cancellation/interruption insurance.
    • Baggage delay insurance.
  10. Partner Airlines:
    • Ability to use miles or points with partner airlines.


  1. American Express Platinum Card:
    • Inflight discounts with certain airlines.
    • Extensive lounge access.
    • Annual airline fee credit.
  2. Chase Sapphire Reserve:
    • Travel credit that can be used for a wide variety of travel expenses, including airfare.
    • Trip cancellation and interruption insurance.
  3. Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard:
    • Discounts on inflight purchases on American Airlines.
    • First checked bag free on domestic American Airlines itineraries.
  4. Delta SkyMiles Gold American Express Card:
    • Discounts on Delta inflight purchases.
    • First checked bag free on Delta flights.
  5. United Explorer Card:
    • Discounts on United inflight purchases.
    • Priority boarding and one free checked bag for you and a companion.


  • Annual Fee: Consider the card’s annual fee and ensure that the benefits outweigh the costs.
  • Spending Requirements: Be mindful of any spending requirements to earn signup bonuses.
  • Interest Rates: Always be aware of the interest rates, especially if you tend to carry a balance.
  • Redemption Flexibility: Check how easy it is to redeem miles or points and any potential restrictions.


Always compare several options and consider how well they align with your travel habits and airline preferences. Factors like how often you travel, your preferred airline, and your spending habits should inform your decision. It’s also wise to read the terms and conditions and understand the card’s fee structure to ensure it meets your needs and lifestyle.

It’s crucial to check the most recent offerings directly from the credit card issuers or from their official website, as the details can change and may vary based on your location. Remember that responsible credit card use is key to maintaining good financial health. Always ensure you can manage your credit card effectively before applying for a new one.

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