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Summertime Saga Cheat Codes

Summertime Saga Cheat Codes

Summertime Saga Cheat Codes. In “Summertime Saga,” there is a cheat menu that can be activated within the game to access various features. To enable the cheat menu, start a new game and select ‘Cheats Enabled.’ Then, on the in-game phone, click on the phone icon and then the Wi-Fi icon. The cheat menu includes options such as:

Summertime Saga Cheat Codes

  • Opening scenes directly.
  • Accessing different locations on the map.
  • Increasing money.
  • Boosting stats​​.

Additionally, there are specific passwords and console commands that can be used in the game. For instance:

  • The Roommate’s Computer password is “BAD MONSTER.”
  • The TV Channel subscription is “L6bv12R,” and its password is “12345”​​.

To activate the game’s console, which allows for direct input of commands (note that this can cause bugs):

  1. Navigate to the game’s main directory, then to the ‘renpy’ folder and open the ‘common’ folder.
  2. Find and open the file ’00console.rpy’ with a text editor like notepad++.
  3. Search for the line “# If true, the console is enabled despite config.developer being False.”
  4. Change the line below from “config.console = False” to “config.console = True.”
  5. Save and close the file.

To open the console during gameplay, press ‘SHIFT + O’, and to close it, type ‘exit’ or right-click​​.

If you want to set your money to a specific amount using the console, the command is:


This sets your money to 99,999 in the game​​.

Remember to use these cheats responsibly, as they can potentially disrupt your game experience by causing bugs or interfering with event triggers.

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