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As we get ready for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands to release, now is the best time to plan and prep your builds for day one. Looking for a leveling build guide for your first playthrough as a Spellshot? We’ve got you covered with this powerful spell-based build.

Wonderlands Spellshot Leveling Guide

Spellshot Character Creation

Spellshot Skill Point Guide

First 10 Skill Points

Skill Points 11-20

End of Build

Wonderlands Spellshot Leveling Guide

For this Wonderlands leveling guide, we’re going to focus on the Spellshot’s unique interaction with spells. With the ability to use two spells thanks to Ambi-Hextrous, the Spellshot is not only a strong caster, but gets special bonuses to their gun damage from their spells.

Spellshot Hype ImageSpellshot Hype Image

The Spellshot’s class feat. Spellweaving, is also directly tied to the strength of this build. It reads:

Casting a Spell or reloading a weapon grants the Spellshot a stack of Spellweaving, increasing Spell DamageSpellweaving stacks automatically decay after a few seconds.

Casting a Repeating Spell has a chance to award additional Spellweaving stacks with each Repeating Cast.

Because of this feat, Spell Damage as well as it’s interaction with guns is going to be the focus of our build.

Keep in mind, we won’t be multiclassing in this guide. Instead, view this build as an introduction to the Spellshot class. This is still a solid and powerful build though, and you should still find plenty of synergies when you decide to multiclass with this build.

Spellshot Character Creation

To start building your character, you must first pick the right options in character creation. These starting stats help give you the boost you need towards building your character and can save you a lot of hassle later.

Clawbringer Background 1 ImageClawbringer Background 1 Image

Take the Failed Monk background for the increased Spell Cooldown and Status Damage. You don’t need to worry about the loss in Crit for this build, so this background is perfect.

Spellshot Hero Points ImageSpellshot Hero Points Image

Put all of your Hero Points into Intelligence and focus on this attribute when spending points later. It really is the bread and butter of this build, and all other attributes come secondary to the ability to quickly spam your spells.

Spellshot Skill Point Guide

This guide tells you how to build your Spellshot via the order of you spend your skill points. To properly follow this leveling build, you should be using your skill points as listed below, as you obtain them.

Each section of this Wonderlands leveling guide will describe how to spend your next 10 skillpoints. Remember that you unlock the next tier of abilities every 5 skill points spent.

First 10 Skill Points

Start your build with 5 points into Spell Sniper. This will help your spells crit, giving you a huge increase in damage, especially in early areas.

Spell 1 ImageSpell 1 Image

Next, put three points into Magic Bullets, giving you increased gun damage from your Spellweaving stacks. Debatably, you should level with ability before Spell Sniper, but I think in the early game the extra crit chance will help you more.

Spell 2 ImageSpell 2 Image

Put 2 points into Prestidigitation, increasing your reload speed. This will help save you time in fights, as you need to reload a lot to build up your Spellweaving stacks.

Spell Pres ImageSpell Pres Image

Skill Points 11-20

Start with 1 point into Glass Cannon. By sacrificing some of your survivability with shields, your spell damage gets a huge bonus, which means so does your gun damage. At this point, your Spellshot should already be shaping up to be a huge damage dealer.

Spell 3 ImageSpell 3 Image

Next, put 1 point into Mage Armor. This counteracts the loss of shields from Glass Cannon by restoring your shields as you get Spellweaving stacks.

Spell 4 1 ImageSpell 4 1 Image

Your next choice is either putting 5 points into Just Warming Up and 3 into Font of Mana, or vice versa. Both of these skills increase the speed in which you stack Spellweaving, and so your choice here really depends on if you prefer a faster fire rate or casting spells more often.

Spell 6 ImageSpell 6 Image
Spell 7 ImageSpell 7 Image

End of Build

High Thread Count is your next priority skill, increasing your Spellweaving stacks. One Slot, One Kill comes next, giving you further increased gun damage for every Spellweaving stack you have. At this point, the core of your build is finished, and you can start thinking about multiclassing.

Spell 9 ImageSpell 9 Image
Spell 10 ImageSpell 10 Image

From here, it’s up to you if you want to invest points into Imbued Weapon or move on to multiclassing, but I highly recommend it. War Caster, Sever the Thread and Double Knot I leave to player’s choice; While they certainly read as powerful abilities, they’re more RNG based and I don’t see your build suffering if you choose to skip out on them in favor for another class.

The Spellshot has plenty of strong multiclass options, but I would be remiss if I didn’t point you in the direction of the Graveborn, which also has very powerful interaction with spells and spell damage. It really feels like these two classes were made with synergy in mind, and so if you like this build you’re sure to find a lot of extra power multiclassing into Graveborn.

That’s all you need to know for this Spellshot leveling build! This is a solid build that should help you through your first adventure in Wonderlands. Leave a comment below if you found this guide helpful, and check out our other Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Guides.

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