Sassy Mint Location – How to Get in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, while you’re working through the main story and collecting all the Pokemon you can, you may also be interested in acquiring different items to assist you in evolving your Pokemon or improving your play. If you need help on how to get Sassy Mint, we have a location and map along with any unlocking requirements in our guide.

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Sassy Mint Location – How to Get

To get Sassy Mint, you can purchase it from Chansey Supply Shops in all locations (Cascarrafa, Levincia, Mesagoza, and Montenevera) for 20000 Pokedollars. To unlock this item, you need to have earned at least 6 Gym Badges. This item is described as, “Having a Pokémon smell this mint can make its Sp. Def stat grow stronger. However, its Speed stat may suffer.”

Sassy Mint Map

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Chansey Supply Shops 5 ImagePokemon Scarlet Violet Chansey Supply Shops 5 Image
Image Source: Map Genie for Chansey Supply Shop Locations

Chansey Supply Shop locations can be found in Cascarrafa (West Province), Levincia (East Province), Mesagoza (South Province), and Montenevera (North Province). In Cascarrafa, it is on the main level as the Pokemon Center. In Levincia, it is at the end of the street from the northern Pokemon Center. In Mesagoza, it is by the eastern Pokemon Center. In Montenevera, it is at the end of the street opposite of the Pokemon Center.

Porto Marinada Auctions

Like with most items, you can also try your luck at the Porto Marinada Auctions, but you could pay a pretty penny for your item this way. To get to Porto Marinada, you’ll want to head east toward West Province (Area Two), north of the Asado Desert. It is a bustling town in Paldea that is a hub for auctions, which allows you to bid on items that may be difficult to obtain in-game.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Porto Auction Map ImagePokemon Scarlet Violet Porto Auction Map Image
Porto Marinada Auctions, Image Source: Map Genie

More Items from Delibird Presents

Levincia’s Delibird Presents offers several different items that you may be interested in! We have guides below on how to get these items.

  • Mild Mint Location
  • Modest Mint Location
  • Naive Mint Location
  • Naughty Mint Location
  • PP Up Location
  • Protein Location
  • Quiet Mint Location
  • Rash Mint Location
  • Relaxed Mint Location
  • Revival Herb Location
  • Serious Mint Location
  • Timid Mint Location
  • Zinc Location
  • Lonely Mint Location
  • Energy Root Location
  • Gentle Mint Location
  • Guard Spec. Location
  • Hasty Mint Location
  • Heal Powder Location
  • HP Up Location

We hoped this helped you get Sassy Mint in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet so you progress further in the game! Check out more of our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet coverage.

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