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We have been covering just about everything there is to know about Roblox Project Star! This game comes out with a lot of hype behind it due to the high level of visuals, well-animated Stands, quests, and dungeons. The gameplay loop seems a bit more varied than the standard grind-fest that a lot of anime games devolve into. If you’re looking to learn more about this game, then be sure to bookmark this Project Star Wiki!

Stay tuned because we’re working on a lot more content for this game as we speak!

General Game Information

If you just want some general details on how to play the game then these guides should help you out!

  • Controls List
  • Maps & Locations
  • Project Star Codes
  • Project Star Private Server Codes

Combat Styles

A Combat Style differs from a Stand because it powers you as the character rather than having the Stand do battle for you! You are able to have a Stand and a Combat Style at the same time.

  • NEW: How to get Cyborg
  • How to get Hamon
  • How to get Kars
  • How to get Wamuu


If you want to know more about Stands, we have a variety of guides that will cover just about all the subjects.

  • How to get a Stand
  • How to Store a Stand
  • How to Reset a Stand
  • All Stands List
  • All Stand Attributes List
  • How to get The World Stand


There’s quite a few items you can find in Project Star, use these guides to figure out what they do and how to get them!

  • All Items List
  • How to get the Umbrella
  • How to get Roka

That’s all the coverage we have for Roblox Project Star! If you have questions about the game, let me know in the comments and I will try to answer it or create a post for you.

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