Project Hero Quirks List – All Abilities!

In a lot of Roblox anime themed games, you will find that they don’t always have the best tutorials. Unfortunately, that is the case with a Project Hero. You might finding yourself wondering how exactly you can get around in the game, particularly how to run/sprint, and do other various operations. If you want to learn all of the Quirks you can obtain in Project Hero, we have a full list of them in this guide.

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Project Hero Quirks

Quirk List

NEW: Cremation (Legendary)

Electricity (Rare)


Invisibility (Common)

Acid (Uncommon)

Leech (Uncommon)

Gravity (Rare)

Explosion (Epic)

Hellflame (Epic)

Muscle Augmentation (Epic)

Half Hot, Half Cold (Legendary)

One For All (Legendary)

Quirk Rarity Chances

How to get Quirk Spins

Project Hero Quirks

Quirks are the special abilities you can get for your character in Project Hero. To get a Quirk, you need to go to the Quirk Lab, which is located in the first city you spawn into. Look for the big bright Quirk Lab sign and head inside of the building to talk to Groody. They will allow you to spin your Quirk. However, you will lose the Quirk you currently have so don’t spin unless you want to replace it!

Project Hero Quirk Lab ImageProject Hero Quirk Lab Image

Quirk List

Here’s a look at all of the Quirks you can currently get in the game. Some of these might be a work in-progress or not yet available in the game.

NEW: Cremation (Legendary)

  • Abilities are coming soon!

Electricity (Rare)

  • Z – Electric Bolt
  • X – Shockwave Stomp
  • C – Electric Eel
  • V – 2,000,000 Volt Discharge
  • B – Lightning Flash


You startout without a Quirk, which is known as being Quirkless. You don’t have any abilities and can gain them. You only have your basic attack and the strong kick attack. For some reason this shows up as green (uncommon) when you spin, but as of right now it’s not a good thing to get when you spin.

Invisibility (Common)

Allows you to go transparent which should increase your ability to dodge attacks. You can also cast an aura that will make a player go invisible.

  • Z – Invis Cloak
  • X – Invisibility Aura
  • C – Warp Refraction

Acid (Uncommon)

Acid will allow you to deal damage overtime to your enemies which will slowly remove their health.

  • Z – Acid Shot
  • X – Acid Layback
  • C – Poisonous Snake
  • V – Acid Rain

Leech (Uncommon)

Leech allows you to drain health from your enemy to replenish your own. It is considered one of the better Quirks to use during PVE.

  • Z – Steal Health
  • X – Steal Stamina
  • C – Equalize Health
  • V – Swap Leech

Gravity (Rare)

  • Z – Heavy Rock
  • X – Multiple Rocks
  • C – Meteor Rush
  • V – Float Rush
  • B – Float Around

Explosion (Epic)

More moves are going to be added to this Quirk in the future!

  • Z – Explosion Barrage
  • X – Jet Burst
  • C – Explosion Rush
  • V – Explosive Surge

Hellflame (Epic)

  • Z – Flashfire Fist
  • X – Jet Burn
  • C – Flame Explosion
  • V – Hell Volley
  • B – Purgatory
  • R – Hells Doom

Muscle Augmentation (Epic)

  • Z – Shockwave Punch
  • X – Augmentation Transform
  • C – Ground Smash
  • V – Muscled Flight
  • B – Leaping Smash

Half Hot, Half Cold (Legendary)

This Quirk is a mix of fire and ice, which makes it so you can slow people down and then burn them!

  • Z – Ice Spikes
  • X – Ice Slide
  • C – Ice Floor
  • V – Flame Fist
  • B – Flame Pillar
  • R – Flame Quake

One For All (Legendary)

The ultimate Quirk to have right now, due to the crazy amount of moves that it has. You have the full arsenal at your disposal and will be able to do many different things with this Quirk.

  • Z – Delaware Smash
  • X – Detroit Smash
  • C – One For All Leap
  • V – Full Cowling
  • B – Manchester Smash
  • T – Texas Smash
  • E – Vanishing Drive
  • R – Delaware Smash Air Force
  • N – St. Louis Smash

You can see each of the Quirks in action by checking out this video:

Quirk Rarity Chances

When you spin for a Quirk you have a certain percent chance to get one of a specific rarity. The higher the strength, more moves, the harder it is going to be to get it. Here’s a look at the different rarities and the chances you have to get them:

  • Common: 45% Chance
  • Uncommon: 30% Chance
  • Rare: 17.5% Chance
  • Epic: 6.5% Chance
  • Legendary: 1% Chance

How to get Quirk Spins

To get Quirk Spins, you will either need to use a code to get them free or you will need to purchase them with Robux. We’re hoping that codes will come out frequently, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Here’s how much Spins will cost you if you want to use Robux:

  • +1 Spin – 20 Robux
  • +10 Spins – 200 Robux
  • +20 Spins – 400 Robux
  • +40 Spins – 800 Robux
  • +60 Spins – 1,200 Robux

That’s everything you need to know about the Quirks you can obtain in Roblox Project Hero. You will be able to find out all about the game in the Project Hero section of our website.

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