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Pet Simulator X Update 2 Log – Mythical Update!

Roblox Pet Simulator X has taken the platform by storm! The game is incredibly popular with people, and everyone is trying to get all of the pets they possibly can by grinding on chests, fusing, and turning the pets into rainbow versions. Preston, the developer of the game, hasn’t been holding back because a recent update launched the Fantasy World, which allowed players to collect a new currency. Well, it looks like another update is on the way, which will bring some fancy new pets to the game.

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Pet Simulator X Update 2 Release Date

According to the Big Games Twitter, it looks like the update will be released Sunday, August 15th at 9am PT! Look that up on Google to see what time it will be where you live.

Update 2 Patch Notes

  • Candy Island!
  • Haunted Island!
  • 15 new pets!
  • 2 new eggs!
  • Mythical rarity!
  • Buy teleports!
  • Auto delete!
  • Tons of fixes!

Update 2 Details

The developer of the game has release some information on what will be contained in this next update.

The first thing we know will be apart of it is the addition of auto-delete! This feature will likely allow you to configure it so you can delete any pet you receive that is under a certain rarity. So, if you don’t want any common pets, just set them to be deleted and they won’t even enter your inventory. This is a free addition to the game, it will not be a gamepass.

Big Games posted the following sneak peak of the Phantom Wolf pet on their Twitter. It shows off the new rarity which is known as Mythical. These pets are said to be very difficult to get!

Pet Sim X Phantom Wolf ImagePet Sim X Phantom Wolf Image


There have been a couple of leaks posted by LeakGang on Twitter. The first one is what will likely be the Robux exclusive pet, which is called the Storm Wolf. This one has been confirmed by the developer.

Pet Sim X Storm Wolf ImagePet Sim X Storm Wolf Image

Two more pets have been found by LeakGang, but these have not been confirmed. It’s possible they can be purchased with Robux, or will just be part of the general update. These are the Mushroom King and the Phantom Wolf, which was also shown above.

Pet Sim X Update 2 Leaked Pets ImagePet Sim X Update 2 Leaked Pets Image

Those are all of the details we know of at the moment, we will have the official update information added to this post as soon as it is released!

That’s everything we know about the second update that is coming to Roblox Pet Simulator X! If you want to learn more about the game, be sure to check out the Pet Simulator X section of our site.

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