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Pet Simulator X Fusing Guide – Christmas Update!

In Roblox Pet Simulator X, one of the best ways to get some powerful pets is to fuse some of your older pets together. While you will have to say goodbye to those pets that have served you well in the past, you will get some new pets that will help you head into the future! If you want to know how best to fuse pets in Pet Simulator X, then we’ll show you how in this guide.

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Fusing Guide

Fusing Recipes

How-to Fuse

Fusing Tips

Fusing Guide

We’ll be going over a variety of details about fusing in this guide. If you aren’t sure how to do it, look to the section on how to fuse before combining pets together and losing something you might not have wanted to! If you’re a seasoned fuser, then check out the recipes portion for how to get certain pets by combining others together.

Fusing Recipes

Not every recipe is 100%, so you might get a different pet some of the time. The lower the requirement, the more likely you’re going to get some other random stuff.

  • Rainbow North Pole Wolf
    • 3 Dark Matter Grim Reaper
    • 3+ Rainbow Red or Blue Fluffy
    • 3 Rainbow Rudolf
    • 3 Rainbow Star Surfer
    • 3 Golden North Pole Wolf
  • Rainbow Rudolf
    • 3 Rainbow Reindeer
  • Rainbow Reindeer
    • 7+ Jelly Alien
  • Rainbow Star Surfer
    • 2 Rainbow Fluffy & 2 Rainbow Jelly
    • 2 Rainbow Fluffy & 1 Rainbow Alien Arachnid
    • 3 Rainbow Meebo in a Spaceship
    • 7+ Golden Fluffy
    • 12 Rainbow Jelly (Not 100%)
  • Rainbow Meebo in a Spaceship
    • 7 Rainbow Jelly Aliens
  • Rainbow Grim Reaper
    • 8 Rainbow Vampire Bat
    • 3 Rainbow Werewolf
    • 5 Golden Grim Reaper
  • Golden Grim Reaper
    • 8+ Golden Vampire Bats
  • Rainbow Vampire Bat
    • 12 Normal Werewolf
    • 12 Golden Ghost Cat
    • 8+ Golden Pumpkin Cat
  • Rainbow Blurred Agony
    • 6 Rainbow Vampire Bat
    • 12 Rainbow Ghost Cat
    • 3 Golden Blurred Agony
    • 8 Rainbow Blurred Axolotl

How-to Fuse

To fuse in Pet Simulator X, you will need to head over to the Beach area in the Spawn World. Alternatively, you can find the fusing station in the Trading Plaza.

Once you’ve arrived, walk into the circle near the fusing machine and you will be asked to select which pets you would like to fuse. You will need to select at least 3 of your pets before you can fuse, and you can add up to 12 in total. Once you have the pets you’d like to combine together, hit the Fuse! button to complete the task. This will cost you 2,500 Diamonds each time you do it.

How To Fuse Pets In Pet Simulator X ImageHow To Fuse Pets In Pet Simulator X Image

You cannot get the pets back that you fused together, so make sure you are sure before going through with it.

Fusing Tips

If you want to know which pet you got when you fuse, then unequip all of your current pets and then use the fuser. Once the fuse has taken place, the pet you received should automatically equip to you. That’s an easy way to tell which pet you got when you’ve completed the fusion.

Those are all of the details you need to know about fusing your pets in Roblox Pet Simulator X! If you want to learn more about the game, be sure to check out the Pet Simulator X section of our site.


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