Minecraft Warden Sonic Boom Attack Guide

Minecraft 1.19 Snapshot 22w15a added a new terrifying sonic boom attack to the Deep Dark Cities’ Warden. While the Warden already had a reputation for being the most dangerous mob in Minecraft, the addition of a ranged attack makes it much worse. Discover the mechanics of the Warden’s sonic boom attack and how to avoid it!

How to avoid the Warden’s ranged attack

To avoid the new sonic boom attack of the Warden, you must first understand how this new ranged attack works. According to Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 22w15a, building up high, hiding behind walls, or being out of range of the Warden’s powerful melee attack will cause the mob to switch to their long-range sonic attack that can penetrate walls. The attack can be recognized once the Warden opens its rib cage to shriek a sonic beam that deals an equal amount of damage as its melee. Even at full Netherite armor, the Warden’s attack can eliminate the player in two hits.

Minecraft Java Edition Warden Sonic Boom ImageMinecraft Java Edition Warden Sonic Boom Image

Furthermore, when the Warden sniffs, it can now smell you from a greater distance. Wardens get angry at a target while sniffing at a vertical range of 20 blocks, which is previously six blocks, and a ground range of 15 blocks. A couple of Warden-related bugs have been resolved, with the result that it will no longer despawn when far away and forgets a target it just roared at. Additionally, you are no longer able to push the Warden when it is emerging or digging.

Minecraft Java Edition Warden 20 Blocks Vertical Range ImageMinecraft Java Edition Warden 20 Blocks Vertical Range Image

Minecraft Redditor, u/thijquint, has shown a strategy of avoiding the Warden’s new ranged attack by using a shield. While the mob’s sonic beam may penetrate through solid walls, the attack can not bypass shields. In the video, the player fired a single arrow at the mob to enrage it before instantly towering up obsidian blocks. Afterward, the player continued shooting the Warden to frustrate it. Once the Warden performs a new animation in which it opens its rib cage, the player immediately switches to a shield. The Warden then began attacking with sonic beams and the player successfully dodged it with a shield. The player also continues to fire arrows while the Warden’s sonic beam cooldowns. After multiple strikes and the use of a shield, the player was able to defeat the Warden. As such, it is necessary to perfectly synchronize the switching between shield and attack in defeating the Warden.

How to avoid the warden’s new ranged attack with shields from Minecraft

That’s all the details about the new sonic boom attack of the dangerous Warden in Minecraft. Learn more about the game by checking out the Minecraft section of our website!

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