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Minecraft Fireflies Guide – All Known Information!

Minecraft Live 2021 brought the announcement of the upcoming Wild Update that will be bringing a variety of new and exciting additions to the game. One of these additions is going to be Fireflies aka Lightning Bugs, which you will find flying around and glowing in swamp areas. If you’re curious about this new addition to the game, we’ll walk you through what we know about them in this guide!

We also have guides for other new additions in the Wild Update, such as a look at Deep Dark Cities, Frogs, and Mangrove Trees!

Fireflies Details

Release Date


Fireflies Details

While not everything is known yet about the Fireflies, we do have quite a bit of information about them from the Minecraft Live stream. You can find out all of the currently known details below.

Release Date

Fireflies will release along with the Wild Update, which is scheduled for 2022. Unfortunately, we don’t have more exact details that in terms of when it will release. There will likely be snapshots available that will allow you try out some of the new features ahead of time though!


Fireflies are a pretty simple addition to the game and are more of an ambient creature that you will find in swamp biomes (not confirmed that they will only spawn in swamps). The flies will glow from yellow to white during night and day where they spawn. They are also eaten by frogs, that will be added to the game in the Wild update, so make sure to keep any frogs away from them if you want to see the Fireflies light up the night!

Here’s an example of Fireflies spawning at night in a swamp biome:

Example of fireflies at night in MinecraftExample of fireflies at night in Minecraft

Here’s an example of Fireflies as viewed in a swamp biome during the day:

Example of fireflies during the day in MinecraftExample of fireflies during the day in Minecraft

Here’s an example of a frog eating Fireflies:

An example of a frog eating a firefly in MinecraftAn example of a frog eating a firefly in Minecraft

That’s everything we currently know about Fireflies in Minecraft! There’s likely to be more details revealed in the future, which we will add to this post as soon as possible. Be sure to check out the Minecraft section of our website for more information on the game!


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