Matchington Mansion APK 1.130.1

Download Matchington Mansion for Android to enjoy a puzzle game mixed with mansion repair simulations. Just like many other titles of this genre, the objective is quite clear. You will need to repair a space that was inherited to you. The only way to proceed is through various matching puzzles.


This is a fun and easy gaming experience for any player to enjoy. As such, puzzle games like this one are easy to become addicted to.

Getting Started

You’ve just inherited and astonishing mansion. However, the home is still in need of crucial adjustments and cleaning. As you enter, you are introduced to Tiffany, who will assist in the repairs of this home. Now, it’s time to begin renovations in Matchington Mansion.

In order to repair an aspect of the mansion, you will need stars. This is where the main portion of the game will be played. You will need to complete various matching puzzles to progress. Therefore, the need for strategic thinking and puzzle solving skills is a definite must-have ability to play the game.


There will be certain objectives which need to be completed, in order to achieve a star. This will include, matching a certain type of colors, or collecting items lodged within the puzzle. Either way, the main objective is still the same.

Difficulty will scale with the levels, so make sure to keep an open eye during your puzzles.


The game also looks good. The cartoonish animations and blend of 2D and 3D styles are a welcome addition for players of all ages. The game doesn’t look to childish for older players, while still animated enough to attracted a younger audience.


The mansion is seen from a bird’s eye perspective. Although the mansion is portrayed entirely on a 2D plane. It is beautifully drawn. While, on the other hand, Tiffany and other characters are completely stylized in 3D. This mixture of 2 dimensions make for an interesting looking game.

Sounds and Music

The Matchington Mansion game has some very nice sounds and music associated with it. Certain scenes are fully dubbed with voices. Additionally, the music is melancholy and quite euphoric. As such, your soul quickly becomes soothed during your gameplay of the over world.

Over on the side of the game, during your puzzles, the music is just as great. The track is just as uplifting, but with a more positive tone, over the relaxing mansion theme. Each matching puzzle will feel more intense and exciting, when complimented with this music.


The SFX are also great. Everything sounds fluid and appropriate to their corresponding action. You can truly feel the emotion of the game, simply through the sounds and music alone. You don’t even need to play to experience the full feeling of the game. Meaning, you can watch a friend play and still get the relaxing and exciting vibes.

Over all, the sounds and music are a great touch. They help to enhance the overall feeling of the game.

Matchington Mansion APK Free Download

On another note, when deciding to download the game, there is one version to consider. We are talking about the Matchington Mansion APK Android download available for your mobile. With this version, you can enjoy a few cheats and shortcuts to get ahead faster than usual.


With these additions, you can quickly spruce up your mansion and enjoy the gameplay the way it was supposed to. Undistracted and without any unnecessary delays.

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