Legends of Runeterra Ornn deck guide – The Darkin Forge

Ornn has received a ton of love with the new Legend of Runeterra expansion, Awakening, which has added the old god of the Freljord as a champion and brought to life the fantasy of his mythic forge in the form of a new powerful game mechanic. Of all the decks I’ve made in this new expansion, this one is by far my favorite, so if you’re looking for a powerful combo for your Ornn look no further than the dreaded Darkin Forge.

Legends of Runeterra Ornn deck guide

Ornn is a powerful champion, who has the ability to duplicate and buff the new Equipment card type to truly make a powerful weapon. Because of this, it only makes sense that we pair Ornn up with what is arguably the most powerful Equipment card in the game: The Darkin Scythe.

Ornn Deck ImageOrnn Deck Image

This deck was made on Mobalytics, where you can view the deck yourself. Use the code below to copy this deck directly into your LoR deck builder.



Kayn and Ornn play off each other incredibly nicely. Using Forge, you can buff the Darkin Scythe while it is on Kayn, hopefully getting his powerful level-up item evolution before it comes time to summon Orrn. Then, using Ornn, you can copy the Darkin Scythe onto our Ram God, and from there it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Use your Forsaken Baccai to pull more Cultists. Once you summon three cultists, you automatically draw Kayn, so you don’t have to worry about having him in your hand.

Once Kayn is on the board, use your plentiful Forge cards to continue to buff the Darkin Scythe. While we ideally want Kayn to level up so that we can get the evolved versions of Darkin Scythe, we don’t need to worry about Kayn dying, as the Darkin Scythe equipable is returned to hand when he’s dead.

Once you’re ready to summon Ornn, use him to copy the Darkin Scythe to gain the benefits of all the stat increases you’ve accrued over the match. Once Ornn is leveled up, he will Forge himself twice every attack and summon an attacking Ram with Overwhelm that shares his stats. With the Darkin Scythe also increasing in damage with every attack, you’ll quickly pound the enemy’s nexus into dust.

Use momentous choice early to keep your Forsaken Baccai healthy and surprise your enemy with the burst stat increases. Baccai have surprising amount of value, as they can search for Kayn or automatically draw him if you get three one the board.

Legends of Runeterra

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