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Of all the champions added to Legends of Runeterra in the Awakening expansion, Master Yi is by far the one I’ve found the most interesting and fun to play. His synergy with spells means that a Yi deck makes fantastic use of your favorite spell cards, while still giving you a powerful unit in the attack phase. This guide will show you how to enlighten your Yi with a powerful and fun LoR deck.

Legends of Runeterra Master Yi deck guide

Master Yi is a flexible pick who synergizes well with a ton of different builds. Off the top of my head, I can see powerful combos between Yi and Nami, Yasuo, Leona, Diana, Zoe, and any champion who makes use of a lot of spells in their deck. Just like our Norra deck, this build is super tricky for opponents to deal with. It focuses on synergizing with one of my favorite champions in the game, Karma, for a fun spell-slinging combo that will leave your opponent reactionless.

Wuju Enlightenment ImageWuju Enlightenment Image
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This deck was made using Mobaltyics, where you can view the deck yourself. To copy this deck to your Legends of Runeterra deck builder, use the code below.



Yi’s ability to reduce the cost of a spell in hand combined with the low cost of your deck means that you should be stacking flow and building spell mana fast. Use this to your advantage with cards like Catalyst of Aeons and Cold Resistance to reach Enlightenment fast while also keeping your Yi buffed and healthy.

Once you reach enlightenment, get Karma on your board ASAP. Ideally, you should have her out before then, but don’t be afraid to hold onto her if you’re afraid of losing her to challenging enemies or spells. Once Karma is enlightened, she will double cast your spells, making Flow incredibly easy to proc.

Yi’s ability to lower mana costs of spells at this point in the game makes this combo incredibly deadly. Karma will continue to spawn spells in your hand, giving you a ton of buffs, control, and healing. Not only is Enlightened Karma a huge roadblock for your enemy, but easily triggering Flow each turn means your Yi will start every round with +2, buffing him infinitely for the rest of the game.

If you’re having trouble getting Karma when you need her, try throwing in a few more copies of Entreat so you can search for her easily. Yi’s quick attack makes him hard to remove from the board, so it can be worth it to take fewer copies of Yi in favor of drawing Karma when you need her.

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