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Is The Elder Scrolls Online worth it in 2022?

With new video game releases coming out every day, players have never had more options for how to spend their free time gaming. Though there’s a wealth of choice in new releases, some of the most popular games today have been out for two, five, or even ten years. Despite their popularity, some players wonder if these older games are worth getting into in 2022.

Looking to start playing The Elder Scrolls Online, and wondering if it’s worth it in 2022? We’ve gone ahead and listed why The Elder Scrolls Online should or shouldn’t be played in 2022 for both new players and returning fans in this guide. 

Is ESO worth it for new players in 2022? 

Despite its age, The Elder Scrolls Online remains one of the most popular online games at the moment. The Elder Scrolls Online still sees thousands of online players every day, and still reports huge profits from player subscriptions and in-game purchases.

ESO continues to release brand new content, with monthly store updates along with regular performance and balance patches. Not only that, but every year ESO dedicates itself to a new year-long event, including a huge expansion and several DLCs as well as a ton of new dungeons based around the year’s theme.

Thankfully, this wealth of content isn’t inaccessible for new players. Players looking to jump immediately into High Isle can choose to start in the expansion without having to play any of the game prior. This is true of all zones and expansions in ESO too, with a world that scales to the player’s level allowing you to go anywhere you’d like.

ESO is definitely worth playing for new players in 2022.

Is ESO worth it for returning players in 2022?

Returning ESO players will find a brand new expansion, High Isle, as well as a few new DLCs available to play. Even if you’ve done everything in ESO, there is always something new to do, with hours upon hours of new story content added with each new expansion and DLC added to the game. players who are somehow already all caught up with everything ESO currently has to offer need only wait a few months for something new.

Not only that, but daily and weekly repeatable missions give players the chance to earn stylish new gear and collectibles. With thousands of housing items and hundreds of pieces of clothing and weapons, it’s nearly impossible to collect everything in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Returning players will definitely find plenty of reasons to come back to ESO.

While this guide has pointed out several reasons to play The Elder Scrolls Online, only you can decide if it’s truly worth it. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to check out the rest of our website for more Try Hard Guides.

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