Idol Stage APK 1.0.56

Welcome, to an interesting game for everyone to enjoy. Download Idol Stage for Android if you want to help professional and talented artists rise to the top.

Learn the Menu

When starting the game, you will be introduced to your CEO. The owner of this new company. From there, it’s up to you to give a name for this brand-new corporation.

Once you have named your company, it’s time to get started with the game. You will begin by learning the basics of earning money. From there, you will be guided to leveling up your CEO from 1 to 10.


Afterwards, you can go through the menu and experiment with the different room options. You can upgrade your company to form space. Additionally, you can:

  • Buy the vocal room for singers.
  • Get a dance practice room for those aspiring dancers and choreographers.
  • Also, get an acting practice room for rising movie stars and actors.
  • Get the recording room for creating a new musical album.
  • Stylish department for your idols to appear on broadcasts relating to the entertainment industry.
  • Also, get a dance team performance hall for your stars. They can perform and host shows here for their audience.
  • The PR (Public Relations) department can be used for your artists to appear in entertainment movies. Such as dramas, and other similar genres.
  • Last, the performance support department is used for performing concerts. This is the most lucrative and expensive room for your company, costing around 4 billion dollars.

You’ll start the game with around 50k dollars in your wallet. But, as you go through the tutorial, your amount will gradually increase.

Finally, you will begin to cast different artists from different styles of entertainment. Once you’ve found the silhouette of someone you like, click on them. You can look at a few of their stats and choose to hire them or not.


From this point, you will be introduced to the upgrading system to improve your idol.

Some Additions of the Game

  • Get some up and coming artists under your belt. Each has a unique personality and different skills that need your help to improve.
  • You can put your artists through various activities to improve their skills. The more they grow and the higher their following, the more reward for you in the end.
  • Manage each of your future idols. Remember and take note – they will receive bonuses for performing in areas where they succeed. So, the appropriate person needs to be with the appropriate activities for awesome rewards and experience.
  • Once all of your artists have assembled, you can form a group for them all to perform. At this point you can create and release a hit album for everyone to enjoy.
  • Through all of the money you earn, you can continue to grow your company and industry to the fullest. Make sure to keep track of all the different activities and utilizing your people to keep a good profit.

Idol Stage APK Free Download

Get the modified version of the game so you can enjoy multiple additions. With these cheats and shortcuts, you’re able to play the game the way it was supposed to be. With the  APK you can get the following features:

  • Get the Idol Stage APK addition of the game to never worry about funds.

With these shortcuts, you’ll never have to worry about improving your artists.

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