Idle Home Makeover APK 3.3

Idle Home Makeover is a simulator game for Android devices that allows you to take the role of a decorator. This is an arcade game that was developed by ZPLAY games for Android OS.

Idle Home Makeover allows you to gain complete control of different houses, especially those that need to be decorated. You’ll be able to equip and decorate these houses based on their demands.


The game allows users to practices their creative skills, and build visually beautiful 3D houses. There is a catalog where you can choose different materials to use and build an amazing house.

Play this game if you are looking for the best home design creative game.

What Makes the Game Amazing?

Idle Home Makeover will give you the opportunity to start your home planner and home builder carrier. It is an amazing designer and decorative 3D house game. You can plan fantastic décor simulator and home design with this game.


The game allows users to show that they are the best home décor experts and designers. You’ll be able to transform your design dreams into reality with the 3D decors and home makeovers.

Idle Home Makeover also allows players to customize homes with beautiful interiors and decors.

The game offers a catalogue that contains different items to aid the process of construction.

Fascinating Features of the Game

There are several amazing features of the game. Here is a list of these features:

  • Idle Home Makeover allows players to use different makeovers and models to remodel homes.
  • You can renovate and design various room styles. This includes kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and stylish bathrooms.
  • It offers an incredible variety of high-end lighting, designer furniture, and flooring. A wide variety of décor is offered to allow you to express yourself appropriately.
  • Idle Home Makeover has an addicting home design gameplay. It offers an offline mode, and this will allow you to play the game without connection restrictions.
  • There is multiple home interior mission to challenge you and give you endless joy.
  • Idle Home Makeover offers gameplay for you to express your creativity in the home games.
  • There are several rewards to unlock, and your decorating abilities will be polished.
  • You can play with high-end and real-life brands to learn more about different interior design styles.

Idle Home Makeover APK Free Download

The interesting and fascinating gameplay of Idle Home Makeover can be enjoyed when you download the game. A lot can be enjoyed from the normal version of the game. However, the modified version of Idle Home Makeover offers a much better experience.


This is because it features newer features that are not included in the normal version of the game. Here are the new features you’ll enjoy when you download the modified version:

  • Unlimited money

You’ll enjoy all these features when you download the modified version of Idle Home Makeover


Download the latest version of Idle Home Makeover to show your creative skills. Proof that you are the best home decorator in time and start designing homes. Construct, design and renovate houses, and make them look beautiful.

Idle Home Makeover will give you a new creative hobby. Improve your decorative skills with this game.



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