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I Can Paint APK 1.8.3

Painting has been around for thousands of years now. If you’re an art connoisseur, you probably know a lot of famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa, The Starry Night, The Last Supper, The Kiss and many more! Recently, a new form of painting became viral as more people posted on social media.


In I Can Paint, you don’t need to have extreme drawing and painting skills to create masterpieces! Because of this exciting premise, the game now has over a million downloads in Google Play Store. In here, you’ll just load some paint into a bucket and swing the bucket around to create symmetrical masterpieces. Here, you can combine different colors and do it on different canvases. Can you create the ultimate art?

What is I Can Paint?

Painting has been part of our cultures for thousands of years now. Even before, there were a lot of famous painters that have made our lives so much fun because of their art. Today, you don’t need a physical canvas and paint to create art!


In I Can Paint, you can create a lot of art pieces using a bucket of paint and a string! Just swing the bucket of paint around and let gravity do all the work to produce a symmetrically stunning masterpiece! You don’t need to know any design or color theories or go to art school just to produce insane art pieces anymore. Step into the world of creativity and unleash your potential for greatness! Master the art of painting so you can earn more money and unlock more paint and canvases!

Features of I Can Paint

I Can Paint is a new painting simulation game that allows you to create art pieces effortlessly! You literally just need a bucket, a string, a canvas and your imagination! Here are its features:

Paint easily using a bucket – We all know that painting isn’t easy. At surface it might look like an easy thing to do. But master painters have dedicated years of their lives to creating masterpieces that only we can imagine. But thanks to I Can Paint, you can now paint using just your phone! Specifically, you will just use a bucket of paint, a string, and a canvas to create a masterpiece. You’ll just need to swing the bucket around so it will create elliptical artwork that will wow everyone! There are so much to create in this exciting game!


Unlock tons of paints and canvases – In here, you can also unlock tons of paints, canvases and floors. At first, you’re going to start with a dark wood floor. Then, you can unlock the different floors such as tiles, white tiles and more. These each cost some money to unlock but it’s worth it if you do! Then, you can also unlock different colored paint buckets so you can create more stunning artworks to sell. Aside from that, you can change your canvas color so you can get more contrasting artwork

Sell your artwork – In here, you can sell your artwork to make money! Depending on your artwork, you can earn a lot in here! But you must adhere to some guidelines so you can sell your artwork. There are tons of shapes and spheres you will do in here so you need to learn how to control the bucket.

Realistic graphics – I Can Paint presents a realistic 3D graphics game that allows you to create masterpieces. Here, you can adjust the bucket to adjust the trajectory of the paint!


Tons of levels – In this game, you’ll play a lot of different levels. Each level presents different challenges that may ask you to perform different spheres and shapes. You must complete it in their desired number to earn money!

I Can Paint APK

I Can Paint is an awesome painting simulation game for everyone! Download the latest version and become a painter now!

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