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Hurricane Superhero APK 1.6.4

First of all, with all the mayhem and destruction, we wouldn’t necessarily call this guy a superhero. In fact, he seems more like a villain who can abuse his power. Although, you can still take out crime along the way.


You can collect different vehicles and additional weapons to utilize in the game. In fact, the gameplay will remind you of another popular game series. We are of course talking about GTA, or Grand Theft Auto.

How to Play

To begin, you will be introduced to the 3D city. Here, you can complete various objectives, or just choose to explore and cause mayhem.

The controls are also very easy to understand. The game is presented with an on-screen gamepad. So, all of your controls will be displayed on-screen for you. Each action is as easy as a simple tap of your screen.

You will also need to watch out for your crime level. If you have ever played GTA before, then this should be a very familiar aspect. If you aren’t aware of what we mean, we can explain.


Your crime level determines how much of a threat you are deemed to the police and other law enforcement. Once you begin committing crimes, you will gain a star as a reminder of your bad deeds. Furthermore, the more crimes you commit, the more stars you will obtain.

Police may begin responding with little caution. They will send individual units to attempt in stopping. The number of stars will determine how much for the police will use to take you down. Once you have finally hit 5 stars, you will need to be taken out with extreme prejudice.

Of course, with all of the powers at your disposal, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about either. However, you can choose to play the game safe and not make any starts during your play through.

Hurricane Superhero Features

Without any of these great features, you wouldn’t find any real reason to play this game. Check them out and understand why Hurricane Superhero for Android is something worth playing.

  • Many different missions to complete. There are a handful of objectives to meet in order to complete the game. Explore the city and teach the community what it means to have real power.
  • Explore the entirety of the 3D sandbox world. Go through every aspect of this fully imagined 3D playground. Each of your actions has an effect on the world around you.
  • Entertaining 3D graphics. Everything is displayed in 3D and looks pretty good for the quality of mobile gaming. The animations are also smooth and transition seamlessly. You’ll enjoy every second of this game. Without 3D graphics, it would lack the same charm that is presented.

Hurricane Superhero APK Free Download

You can also choose to pick the modified version of the game when selecting a file to download. With the Hurricane APK latest version, you will also obtain additions that are not usually present in the game. These welcomed additions will make your play though much more memorable. Additionally, the overall experienced will be enhanced greatly.


So, when selecting this version, you have the option of.

With these benefits, the APK is leagues above the original Play Store download. With that being said, go ahead and download Hurricane Superhero for Android now.

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