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How to unlock the Bone Village Commerce in Crisis Core FFVII

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is an action, roleplaying game, which was recently remastered in its Reunion edition, launched late in 2022. One of the major components of Crisis Core gameplay is using Materia and the Materia Fusion system, and as a result, unlocking and using shops in-game becomes critical. If you need to know how to unlock one Village Commerce, we have a detailed guide to help you!

How to unlock Bone Village Commerce

To unlock Bone Village Commerce, you need to complete the mission M7-5-3 Girl on the Desert Island. During the mission, you will encounter a treasure chest that includes the shop item needed to unlock this area. Going forward, you’ll be able to access the shop through the menu.

Items Available at Bone Village Commerce

There are several different types of items available for purchase at Bone Village Commerce. We have provided a list of items along with the cost of each.

Item Cost
Exa Flare 10,000 gil
Graviga 15,000 gil
Hellfire 10,000 gil
Mega Flare 10,000 gil
Rebirth Flame 10,000 gil
Zantetsuken 10,000 gil

Other Shops in Crisis Core Reunion

If you need help unlocking any of the other shops that you can utilize in Crisis Core Reunion, check out the list below!

  • Shinra Building Shop
  • Sector 5 Material Shop
  • Sector 6 Accessory Shop
  • Sector 7 Shop
  • Sector 8 Material Shop
  • Bone Village Commerce
  • Gongaga Trading
  • The Happy Turtle
  • Junon Souvenirs
  • Mythril Mine Trading
  • Network Shop Duo
  • Net Shop Shade
  • Nibel Accessories
  • Wutai Secret Shop
  • Research Dept. QMC
  • Research Dept. QMC+

We hope that helped you figure out how to unlock Bone Village Commerce in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Check out more of our Crisis Core coverage!

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