How to unlock Apoplexy in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a shoot ’em up video game developed by Luca Galante. It features minimalistic gameplay and rogue-lite elements where you move thousands of night creatures and survive until dawn. The game features different relics, which provide specific bonuses to the game, further enhancing the play. If you need to know how to unlock Apoplexy relic in Vampire Survivors, check out our step-by-step guide!

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How to unlock the Apoplexy Relic

To unlock the Apoplexy relic, you will go to Bat Country challenge stage, and you will find it the Apoplexy relic appears at minute 9:00 in the challenge stage, and you can use the green arrow to track its location. It should spawn at the center of a large square of Diamond enemies. By unlocking this relic, it unlocks the Charm powerup permanently. This relic was added to the game in the Chaos update (February 2023).

Relics are items that unlock different game mechanics and features once they are obtained. Those features/mechanics will be permanently available afterward. Relics can be used to unlock things like being able to peek at evolutions and unions in the pause menu to changing the stage music to different modes. If there is a relic available in a Stage, you’ll see it indicated by a green arrow!

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Hope that helped you learn how to unlock Apoplexy relic in Vampire Survivors. Check out all of our Vampire Survivors coverage!

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