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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands just released, and fans have been adventuring in the Wonderlands by the thousands. The game features many classic RPG features and replicates the feel of the tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons. But instead, players will create their character and define their legacy as the Fatemaker in Tiny Tina’s favorite game.

If you want to survive for long in the Wonderlands, you’ll need to make sure you have strong enough gear. With the right accessories, you’ll receive buffs and other improvements that give you a decisive edge over your opponents. However, it takes some work before you can unlock all the gear slots on Your character’s inventory page.

How to Unlock Amulet and Second Ring Slot

Things are unlocked in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands as you naturally progress through the game’s story. You’ll unlock the amulet slot by completing the story quests, and you’ll have it by the time you’re in the ocean area. You can acquire the second ring slot by completing the main story and beginning on a different journey.

More Information About Rings and Amulets in Wonderlands

Tiny Tina Wonderlands Classes ImageTiny Tina Wonderlands Classes Image

As with the additional gear slots, you need to complete specific quests to unlock your new weapon slots. This way, the game isn’t dependent on you grinding to a certain level. Instead, you can do the searches at your own pace, and you’ll unlock it when you get there. This is similar to Gearbox’s earlier games that focused on a quest-based unlocking system.

While it’s a little more obvious, this is how it works in the early game. Players unlock the ability to cast spells and wear armor as they progress through the game. Some of the sections you can unlock take longer to get to and can be frustrating for players trying to grind to a certain level. The only leveling system in the game has to do with the player’s abilities and skills.

When deciding what gear to equip in your new loadout, you should evaluate your current strengths. You can equip gear that boosts your primary class or cover any weaknesses you have left open during your stat allocation. As you level and get further in the Wonderlands, you’ll come across all kinds of new gear, and you should be ready to alternate as the loot improves.

While it may take longer than expected, it’s easy to unlock the extra gear slots. Just continue on your adventure, and you’ll unlock all the gear slots as you progress through the story.

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