How to Store Stands in Project Star

One of the best aspects of Roblox Project Star is that you will be attempting to find your favorite Stand. However, once you get a Stand, it doesn’t end there, because you can get a skin with it or an attribute that will increase its power. You will more than likely want to keep certain Stands for later, whether they have a powerful attribute, rare skin, or they just feature abilities you find useful. Whatever the reason might be, you will need to store a Stand at some point when playing Project Star, and we will show you how!

Be sure to check out our post on how to get Stands in the game. It looks like there will be some freebies available at some point, we will have them listed on our Project Star Codes page! We also have a Project Star Wiki with all sorts of information on the game.

Stand Storage Guide

To store a Stand in Project Star, you will need to go to the Stand Storage Room and talk to the Robert Speedwagon NPC inside. Select the “I’d like to store a stand” option from the dialogue. Click on one of the “Transfer Stand” option in this menu, and your equipped Stand will be stored!

To locate the Stand Storage area, you will want to head to the middle of the map and look for the big building down one of the roads with a big red stand arrow on top of it.

Project Star Stand Storage Location Map ImageProject Star Stand Storage Location Map Image

If you are having trouble finding it, check out this video guide:

You get three storage slots to keep Stands saved with initially, but you can purchase two additional ones with Robux. The first additional slot, will cost you 300 Robux and the second will cost you 750 Robux. You can purchase these as gamepasses, and through the in-game Shop that can be accessed in the menu.

Shop area of Project Star where extra slots can be purchased for StandsShop area of Project Star where extra slots can be purchased for Stands

If you end up playing this game long term, it is going to be pretty useful to have those extra slots, so consider saving up your Robux to get them!

That’s everything you need to know about storing Stands in Roblox Project Star. You will be able to find out all about the game in the Project Star section of our website.

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