How to Start the Whitestrake’s Mayhem Event in ESO

Whitestrake’s Mayhem has gone live in ESO once again and everyone can jump into PvP battles throughout the game for new rewards. The event, which was previously called Midyear Mayhem, has a prerequisite quest that provides the players with a boost and some rewards. However, finding it can be a pain, especially for players that are new to The Elder Scrolls Online in general. This guide will outline how to complete the Whitestrake’s Mayhem starter quest for some easy rewards.

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Beginning the Whitestrake’s Mayhem Event in ESO

Like many other events in ESO, you will want to begin Whitestrake’s Mayhem by getting the quest starter. Rather than finding a specific NPC, you will have to open up the Crown Store and look for the Quest Starters tab. There will be a sub-section called Event Starters where you can “purchase” the Whitestrake’s Mayhem starter. There is no need to worry though, the quest is completely free and can be done on multiple characters.

Elder Scrolls Online Whitestrake Starter ImageElder Scrolls Online Whitestrake Starter Image

Picking up the starter will give players a quest to talk to Predicant Maera, the main face behind the PvP event. Just like The Impresario, she isn’t in one defined spot within The Elder Scrolls Online. Instead, you can look for her at any Cyrodil PvP gate for your faction, or she can be found at any Battlegrounds gate for picking up dailies. To find her in Cyrodil, you will need to queue into PvP, so looking for a Battlegrounds gate is much faster.

Most major DLC cities or starting cities will have a Battlegrounds spot where Predicant Maera. Once you speak to Predicant Maera, she simply asks you to bring her an item that is on the table next to her. Give her the item to complete the quest and receive the special event rewards. If you have already completed this quest last year, then there is no need to run through it again.

What rewards does Predicant Maera give in ESO?

There are two items that you will receive upon completion of the Whitestrake’s Mayhem event starter in ESO. The first and most important one is the Scroll of Pelinal’s Ferocity. Most events in The Elder Scrolls Online have an active tool item that provides 2-hour bonuses to event-specific XP. In this case, using the scroll will provide players with a 2-hour 100% boost to XP and Alliance Points in Alliance War activities. These include Cyrodil, Battlegrounds, and the Imperial City.

The second reward is a Pelinal’s Boon Box. This box gives far simpler rewards in the form of Tel Var stones and some siege items to assist in battles. Of course, if you want more reward boxes, you can participate in PvP dailies to earn Event Tickets. They can then be used at The Impresario for rewards.

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