How to save in Tunic

Tunic is a Zelda inspired isometric Metroidvania RPG that will have you searching through a mystical land filled with a variety of things to explore and scary monsters to defeat! While it may seem cute at first glance, there’s actually quite a bit of difficulty here that you will end up facing. If you’re wondering how you can save your game to make sure you can pick up where you left off, we’ll tell you how in this guide.

How to save in Tunic

While you can’t navigate to a menu and save the game in Tunic, you can basically force a save by heading to one of the many checkpoints you will encounter. These are the flame lit shrines that you will come across and be able to interact with. When you die in Tunic, you will respawn at these locations.

Unfortunately, when you “save” at one of these Shrines, all of the enemies will reset and appear back on the map. This is clearly a Dark Souls-esque mechanic, but nonetheless it’s something to consider. The bonus though is that you refill your health and magic.

Saving In Tunic ImageSaving In Tunic Image

There’s also an autosave that will periodically trigger in the game, and keep your progress tucked away if you decide to close out. Overall, you shouldn’t really worry too much about saving, because it happens frequently, and you will likely be near a checkpoint of some sort that you can access to force a save if necessary!

That’s everything you need to know about saving in the game! We have more content available in the Tunic section of our website.

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