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How to salvage in V Rising – Items & Weapons

V Rising has you awakening as a vampire in a hostile world. You will need to find blood to regain your strength, and build your way up to the top of the vampire hierarchy. To do so, you will need to create a base for you and your friends or attempt to go it alone. If you’re trying to salvage yourself some items and weapons in the game, we’ll tell you how in this guide.

Salvaging Guide

To salvage your items and weapons in V Rising, you will need to obtain the Devourer Chest. You can only get this by slaying the Lidia the Chaos Archer boss. She is level 26 and can be found on the roads of Farbane Woods.

Once you have found and defeated Lidia the Chaos Archer, you will get the ability to craft the Devourer Chest and place it at your base. The chest looks a lot like a mimic treasure chest, which is a popular monster from a variety of games. Just head over to your newly crafted chest and place the items inside of it that you no longer want. These will then be salvaged and you will receive materials based on the items you placed inside of it!

The resources you obtain from placing items in your Devourer Chest can be used to craft other items and build additions to your base. While you want to keep a lot of what you get, there will be old armor and weapons lying around that aren’t worth hanging onto!

That’s everything you need to know about salvaging your items and weapons in the game! We’ve got more great content on the game in the V Rising section of our website.

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