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How to play with friends in Tribes of Midgard

Tribes of Midgard is a survival roguelike that will have you fighting off swarms of enemies and battling against huge giants. While you can play this game solo, it seems a lot better if you gather up some friends and get them to join into the game with you. This is possible to do, however, it can be a bit annoying due to the way it is setup. We’ll walk you through the process of inviting your pals to play Tribes of Midgard with you in this guide.

Playing with Friends

To play with friends in Tribes of Midgard, you will need to look to the bottom right of the screen of the main menu before you enter a game. Press Ctrl on your keyboard if you are on Steam/PC, or press the triangle button if you are on PlayStation. This will allow you to invite your friends to your party. Once everyone is in the group, the person who invited everyone can start the game!

Tribes Of Midgard Inviting Friends ImageTribes Of Midgard Inviting Friends Image

If you want to limit the game to only players in your group, then the player who starts the game will need to change the “Max. Players Amount” to “My Group Only” before they hit Start. This will make it so no one else can join your game. If you don’t change this option, then random players could join up to your game until the third in-game day. If you are already in a game and want to invite someone, you will need to do it directly from your Steams/PSN friends list!

The difficulty of the game is scaled to how many players are apart of it. However, having more players will overall make the experience easier because they can help gather resources and just overall contribute to the defense of your base. Playing solo is widely considered to be pretty difficult, so you might want to gather up some people if you plan on playing this game.

That’s everything we know about playing with friends in Tribes of Midgard! We will be covering the game extensively during the release, so be sure to check out the Tribes of Midgard section of our website.

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