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How To Play Lost Ark Three Days Before Release

Lost Ark is the exciting new eastern MMORPG coming to the west on February 11th. The game features a unique top-down playstyle and a lot of exciting classes for players to play. For those who can’t wait until Thursday, there’s a little-known way to get the game early.

How To Get Lost Ark Early

While Lost Ark is officially launching for western players on Friday, many of us are too excited to wait. Thankfully, you can play the game early, unlocking everything the release has to offer on Tuesday the 8th instead of the 11th. To do so, all you have to do is purchase one of the Lost Ark Founders Packs.

The founder’s pack comes in four purchasable options, each coming with a different price and included benefits. The options are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Players looking for the cheapest option should go for the Bronze pack, which costs only $15.

Lost Ark Promo ImageLost Ark Promo Image

Purchasing the Bronze founders pack gives you a 3-day head start on the game’s release, as well as a skin, a special title, 30 days of premium membership, and an in-game pet. Each tier above Bronze gives you more rewards, with the most expensive tier at $99 giving you 21 rewards in total.

Use your head start on Lost Ark to grind out your character’s level. If you have friends interested in the game, you can also use this head start to get an understanding for how the game works to help them learn on launch day. Whatever you use your headstart for, $15 is definitely a cheap price to pay for early access.

That’s everything you need to know about Lost Ark’s early launch! Be sure to check out our other guides and stay tuned for more Lost Ark news.

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