How to make Die Heilige Sinfonie in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an action, RPG where players explore the world of Teyvat and seek knowledge from The Seven, the gods of each element, as players journey through the storyline. While playing, players can collect various materials throughout the regions that are used later in the game. If you need to know how to make Die Heilige Sinfonie in Genshin Impact, we have a complete recipe guide of what ingredients you need and where to find them!

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How to make Die Heilige Sinfonie

To make Die Heilige Sinfonie, you will need 1x Ham, 1x Bacon, 1x Sausage, 1x Mint, which you’ll cook using something like a stove or campfire. The base of this dish is the Cold Cut Platter. Die Heilige Sinfonie only has a chance of being made when Cold Cut Platter is cooked by Fischi.

Remember, when you cook a recipe, there are different quality levels of the resulting dish. Initially, you will need to manually cook the recipe, and you will want to try to stop the cooking time in the correct position.

If you stop the timer in the gray section, you will get a Suspicious-quality dish, which has the lowest effect possible. Instead, aim to stop in the orange section for a Delicious-quality dish, which will have the maximum effect possible, or settle for the yellow section for a Regular-quality dish that has an average effect.

Die Heilige Sinfonie Recipe

The Die Heilige Sinfonie is a food that increases party’s physical damage by 55% for 300 seconds depending on quality of dish when consumed. It is a attack-boosting dish and is a 3-star rarity. The game describes it as, “Fischl’s specialty. The exquisite presentation doth seem to communicate some incomprehensible enigma. When partaking, if one were to gaze upon Fischl, one might see her expectant gaze peek though the gaps of her fingers, which she is using to cover half her face… Is this also part of the mystery.

Ingredient Location
1x Ham By processing or Sold by Chef Mao and Sara (full guide)
1x Bacon By processing or Sold by Lambad, Sara, and Shimura Kanbei (full guide)
1x Sausage By processing or Sold by Chef Mao, Lambad, Sara, Shimura Kanbei, and Verr Goldet (full guide)
1x Mint Near grassy terrains in Teyvat; sold by Chlrois; harvested from garden (full guide)

You will need to make a recipe several times before you are able to auto cook it. The number of times you will need to make a recipe manually depends on the dish’s rarity (indicated by stars). For a 1-star dish, you will need to make it five times; for a 2-star dish, you will need to make it 10 times; for a 3-star dish, you will need to make it 15 times; for a 4-star dish, you will need to make it 20 times; and for a 5-star dish, you will need to make it 25 times. Then you can auto cook it and make up to 99 of the recipe at once!

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We hoped this helped you figure out how to make Die Heilige Sinfonie in Genshin Impact and made it so you could craft an item/make a recipe with ease. You can check out more of our Genshin Impact coverage as well as our Genshin Impact codes.

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