How to make a Saddle Potion in Wacky Wizards – Potion P18!

If you’re looking to have some fun with your friends then the Saddle potion is a great one to craft in Roblox Wacky Wizards. The person who drink this potion will have a saddle placed on their back and any player can then jump into the saddle to get carried around! Mix and match the potions to have some crazy adventures with a good friend by your side! We’ll walk you through the process of crafting this potion in our guide.

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Creating the Saddle Potion

To make the Saddle Potion in Wacky Wizards, you will need a Hat of Gears and Giraffe Hoof. Throw those two ingredients into the cauldron, and you will have yourself the Saddle Potion!

The Giraffe Hoof ingredient is one that comes with your table when you first start out in the game. The Hat of Gears, however, is a premium item that to get permanently will require you to purchase with Robux.

If you don’t have Robux, don’t worry! You can get 5 Hat of Gears items to use each day if you can slay the Cyclops boss that arrives every hour on the hour in Wacky Wizards. When the boss is defeated, it will drop a Cyclops Eye that you can bring to the Wizard. The first time you do this, you will receive the Robux item. The next time you turn it in, the Wizard will give you 5 Hat of Gears to use. You can do this once per day, so use them wisely!

Wacky Wizards Saddle Potion ImageWacky Wizards Saddle Potion Image

That’s everything you need to know about creating the Saddle Potion in Wacky Wizards! We have a lot more Wacky Wizards content, including posts that feature all of the potions & recipes and all of the ingredients in the game!

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