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How to increase size of Reverb Gauge in Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush is centered around an aspiring rockstar, Chai, and his friends who have to fight against an evil corporation using rhythmic combat so that he can escape an experiment gone very wrong by battling department by department with a team of allies. If you need to know how to increase the size of Chai’s Reverb Gauge in Hi-Fi Rush, we have a detailed guide that should help!

How to upgrade size of Reverb Gauge

To increase the size of the maximum Reverb Gauge by one section, you’ll need to collect 4 broken pieces of Vandelay’s Electric Booster. These have a translucent blue color with a three-prong plug and a yellow-orange lightning bolt symbol on them. They can be found throughout the map, often near crates that can be destroyed.

It’s important to maximize your Reverb Gauge, as it allows you to use your Special Attacks, which can do even more damage and increase your battle scores allowing you to get an S-Rank.

We hope that our guide to how to charge up your Reverb Gauge in Hi-Fi Rush helped you earn a better score! Check out more of our Hi-Fi Rush coverage.

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