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How to hoard bounties in Destiny 2 (2022)

Destiny 2’s latest expansion, The Witch Queen, is making some fundamental changes to the core Destiny experience. For instance, now you will be able to craft weapons in the game, a first for the series.

There are plenty of ways you can prepare for The Witch Queen. Farming and hoarding rare resources like the Enhancement Prisms will give you a head start in the newest expansion. There’s one other thing in particular that can help you level up the new season pass rather quickly, that too at launch day. Destiny 2 players refer to this notorious activity as bounty hoarding, and here’s our guide on how to do exactly that.

Hoarding bounties in Destiny 2

Hoarding Bounties Destiny ImageHoarding Bounties Destiny Image

Almost every vendor or major NPC in Destiny 2 offers bounties you can pick off and complete for XPs. Bounties are your primary source for gaining XP, and while weekly bounties reward you with more XP than daily ones, they all inevitably help you progress the season pass.

However, with every new season, your season rank is reset, and you have to rinse and repeat the process to unlock those new shiny rewards in the season pass. By hoarding bounties, you get a chance to instantly gain a surplus amount of XP, which in return helps you drastically level up your season rank.

You can hoard bounties in Destiny 2 by completing them and not turning them in immediately. Hold on to them until the new season arrives and you get the seasonal artifact, at which point, you can redeem them to gain XP.

Vanguard Bounties Destiny ImageVanguard Bounties Destiny Image

According to Reddit user BYF9, you can store 26 weekly bounties and 37 daily bounties per character right now. Granted that you do this for all of your three characters (Titan, Warlock and Hunter), you can gain a total of 1,602,000 XP, which is equivalent to 26 levels.

By hoarding bounties, you can get a headstart on day 1 of The Witch Queen, giving you easy access to some of the early season pass rewards. This is especially essential for players looking to prepare and get day 1 into The Witch Queen raid that launches March 5, 2022.

Unfortunately, Bungie is keenly aware of the bounty hoarding tactic, and, as such, is making several changes in regards to this in the next season. According to Bungie’s Senior Community Manager, Dylan Gafner, “Bounty hoarding is a risk that players may take if they’d like to maximize their gains in a new season, but we’re not going to give a play by play on what to keep.” It seems that there’s still some chance for this to work, so it’s better to hoard them than regret not doing it at all.

That concludes our guide on hoarding bounties in Destiny 2.  You can check more Destiny stuff in the Destiny 2 section of our website.

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