How to grow mangrove trees Minecraft – Bedrock & Java

The Minecraft Wild Update has finally been published, and players are getting a chance to dig into all of the new content that is now available to them. While some of the stuff is easy to learn, some of the additions to the game can prove to be a bit more difficult to understand. If you’re wondering how you can grow Mangrove Trees in Minecraft, we’ll walk you through the steps in this guide.

Growing Mangrove Trees

To get these trees to grow, you will need to find Mangrove Propagule which can either grow on the tree or will drop when breaking the leaves of a mangrove. Once you have a propagule, plant it in either dirt, grass, podzol, mycelium, moss, farmland, or mud to grow a Mangrove Tree!

Mangrove Trees can only be found in Mangrove Swamp biomes, so you will first need to locate one. There is no best way to find the biome, you just have to hope to be near one. You can use an Elytra to fly around or climb a tall mountain to see if you can scout one out.

Once you find the biome, you should find plenty of the trees which you will see propagule growing from or you can just hack at the leaves. You will want to make sure to bring a Hoe if you decide to chop at the leaves, as this will be the fastest method to gathering the propagule.

If you’re having trouble finding the right biome, head to our Minecraft 1.19 Seeds page to find worlds that have them near spawn!

Minecraft Mangrove Propagule Example ImageMinecraft Mangrove Propagule Example Image
Image: Minecraft / Try Hard Guides

When you have the Mangrove Propagule, just plant them in the proper soil where you want them to grow. If you don’t have time to wait, then just grab some Bone Meal and use it to get the tree to grow immediately!

Minecraft Planted Mangrove Example ImageMinecraft Planted Mangrove Example Image
Image: Minecraft / Try Hard Guides

Mangrove Trees can be harvested for Mangrove Logs and then converted into Mangrove Planks, which are a reddish color. These make for a nice addition to any build where you are lacking a pop of color.

That’s everything we know about growing Mangrove Trees in the game. You can learn a great deal more by heading to the Minecraft section of our website.

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