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How to get Wamuu in Project Star

Roblox Project Star is the brand new anime RPG that is heavily influenced by the popular manga and anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. If you’re looking to increase your fighting ability, then you might want to pick up a combat style. This allows you to be strong on your own, and not have to rely completely on your Stand! If you want to know how to get Wamuu, we’ll show you how in this guide.

Be sure to check out our Project Star Wiki which has details and information on everything you want to know about the game!

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Wamuu Guide

To get Wamuu in Project Star, you will first need to transform yourself into a Vampire. This can be done by being level 30+ and using the Stone Mask item. Once you’ve become a Vampire, you will then need to be level 60+ and then use the Wamuu’s Horn to transform into Wamuu.

The first step to getting Wamuu is finding yourself the Stone Mask. This is an item that can be found the same way you find Stand Arrows and Rokakaka, which is on the ground on the streets in Cairo (Egypt). Make sure you are level 30+ and then use the item to transform.

Project Star Wamuus Horn ImageProject Star Wamuus Horn Image

When you become a Vampire, you will now spawn in the Sewers area when you die or start up the game. You will take damage from the sun if you are exposed to it, so make sure to grab an umbrella from the dealer down here so that you can go out into the light!

You will now need to get the Wamuu’s Horn. This is a very rare item that you can get by fighting the Wamuu boss. Wamuu has a chance to spawn in the Gale Ruins, which is in the desert area. He has a 4% chance of dropping the Wamuu Horn when slain. This is a world event and you will know when he spawns because tornados will start circulating around Gale Ruins. Hopefully, if you’re on a public server, someone will mention that he has spawned, because it’s easier to kill him with multiple people.

Map showing the Gale Ruins location in Project StarMap showing the Gale Ruins location in Project Star

The other way to get one is by spinning the Wheel of Fortune in Dio’s Mansion. To spin the wheel, you will need to find Terence T. D’arby within the mansion and pay him either $5,000 in-game cash or pay 50 Robux. There are multiple other items you can get from the spin, so don’t expect to get it easily.

Project Star Wheel Of Fortune ImageProject Star Wheel Of Fortune Image

Once you’ve managed to get Wamuu’s Horn, just make sure to be level 60+ and a Vampire then use it. You will then obtain the Wamuu combat style!

Wamuu Moveset

Wamuu is kind of like an item, so when you want to use it, you will place it in your inventory bar and select it to allow you to use the abilities. You can have a Stand equipped with this as well!

  • Punch Combo (M1) – Pretty much just a three hit combination.
  • Divine Sandstorm (E) – Grants the ability to shoot out two tornados from your arms.
  • Horn Drill (R) – Grants the ability to deal a piercing strike with your Horn.
  • Twister (T) – Grants the ability to summon a tornado in front of you. Anyone hit by the tornado is sent flying into the air.
  • Hurricane Thrust (G) – Grants the ability to dash forward and strike.
  • Wind Mode (Z) – Become one with the wind and become invisible.

That’s everything you need to know about getting Wamuu in Roblox Project Star. You will be able to find out all about the game in the Project Star section of our website.

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