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How to get the Roblox Imagination Core

The Roblox Bloxy Awards 2021 have arrived, and with them comes a bunch of free stuff that you can get. If you’re a big collector of Roblox Avatar items, then you can get yourself some pretty nice freebies by completing some pretty simple objective. If you want the Imagination Core, well… it’s easy to get, but it will take quite a bit of time to complete. So, if you’re still interested in getting this item for your Avatar, then check out the guide below!

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Getting the Imagination Core Hat

To get the Imagination Core item, just go into the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards Roblox Game and run down the hallway from the spawn area. You will see a glowing wall with a time to departure on it. This event runs every hour on the hour, so join up when it’s close to the end of an hour to prevent yourself from waiting or missing it. When you get close to the wall, you can press a button to board the ship. You will now be queued up for the event, and will need to wait until it starts. Once it has begun, you will then need to sit through the entire event, while the four pieces of the core are part together. When the event has completed, you will be teleported back to spawn. Once this happens, you should receive an alert that you have obtained the item. You can then head to your Avatar inventory and equip it if you’d like!

You could just AFK the event if you don’t want to watch it. To make sure you don’t get disconnected, setup an auto-clicker that clicks every few seconds or so.

This is classified as a hat item, but realistically it just replaces your head. So, if you don’t think you’d ever use something like this in your day-to-day Roblox gaming, then you might want to skip it. The event takes quite a while to complete, so it might not be worth getting if you don’t think you’ll ever use it!

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