How to get the Roblox Classic Cap

If you’re a fan of free avatar items in Roblox, then you’re going to be happy to learn that Roblox has just released a new hat that you can get by completing some easy tasks. You will just need to enter into the Roblox Community Space experience and complete the quest. Once you’ve done it, you will then have a stylish new hat to wear for your avatar.

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Roblox Classic Cap Guide

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To get the Roblox Classic Cap, you need to enter the Roblox Community Space experience and complete three tasks. These are putting up some artwork, visiting the games area, and taking a photo. Once you’ve completed all three tasks, hit the mission icon at the top of your screen and then click the “Claim Your Prize!” button.

  1. Putting up some artwork

    To put up some artwork, you need to go outside and find a chalkboard. They are scattered on the walls around the property. Get close to one and click on the paint brush icon that will show up. Pick an art piece you want to add to the wall and accept to complete the task.Classic Cap Artwork Task ImageClassic Cap Artwork Task Image

  2. Take a photo

    While you’re outside, head near the big Roblox statue in the middle of the courtyard and look for the Photo Booth that’s up against the wall. Get close to it and click on the photo icon that should appear. You will then take a photo and complete the task!Classic Cap Photo Task ImageClassic Cap Photo Task Image

  3. Visit the games area

    To visit the games area, just go inside the building and go through the lobby area to the room with the big orange backlit Roblox logo in it. You will find some games you can play in here, but you just need to enter inside to completed the task.Classic Cap Game Room Task ImageClassic Cap Game Room Task Image

  4. Accept your reward

    Once you have completed all three tasks, look for the tasks icon on your screen. Click on that button and you will open up the mission window. You should see all three tasks checked, and at the bottom of the screen will be the “Claim Your Prize!” button. Just click on that and you will receive the Roblox Classic Cap.Classic Cap Claim Prize ImageClassic Cap Claim Prize Image

That’s everything we know about getting the Roblox Classic Cap from the Roblox Community Space experience! Be sure to check out the rest of our site for everything related to Roblox.

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