How to get the Pirate Hat in Wacky Wizards

In the Roblox Wacky Wizards January 26th, 2022 update of the game we were given the Pirate Hat ingredient to obtain! If you’re hoping to find out how exactly you get this new ingredient, we will walk you through the exact steps you need to take to get it! You will be able to create a bunch of different potions and other fun stuff with this newly added ingredient to the game.

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How to get the Pirate Hat Ingredient

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To get the Pirate Hat in Wacky Wizards, you will need to head into the lake area where the waterfall drops into. Go underwater and retrieve the shovel from the wrecked ship. Follow the clues and dig near all of the X marks on the map. Once you dig at the final X, you will unlock the Pirate’s Hat!

  1. Dive down into the lake

    The lake is located next to Dumpster Diver Dan, and you will see the big waterfall spilling into it. Dive underwater, where you will find a ship. in the hull area of the ship will be a hole, which you will find a shovel. Grab that to start the quest that will direct you to Oz’s house.Wacky Wizards Pirates Hat Step1 ImageWacky Wizards Pirates Hat Step1 Image

  2. Head to Oz’s House

    Oz’s house is located inside of a cave that’s between the spider webbed cave and the Goblin Village. It has some bushes at the entrance that obscure the inside. Go through the bushes and behind the house to find the X on the ground. Click on the X and you will dig up the next clue which sends you to the Goblin Village.Wacky Wizards Pirates Hat Step2 ImageWacky Wizards Pirates Hat Step2 Image

  3. Head to the Goblin Village

    The Goblin Village is located between Oz’s house cave and the big volcano. Go behind the actual village area and near the fence to find the next X location. Dig at the spot and you will then be sent to the barn!Wacky Wizards Pirates Hat Step3 ImageWacky Wizards Pirates Hat Step3 Image

  4. Head to the Barn

    The big red barn is located between Oz’s house cave and above the spider-web cave. Go to the back of the barn, where you will find the next X. Start digging to get the clue that will send you to the Pyramids.Wacky Wizards Pirates Hat Step4 ImageWacky Wizards Pirates Hat Step4 Image

  5. Head to the Pyramids

    You will find the Pyramids located near the desert cactus area. Once you are at the front of the Pyramids, go to the right side of it and you will find the X. Dig it up to be sent to a cactus in the desert!Wacky Wizards Pirates Hat Step5 ImageWacky Wizards Pirates Hat Step5 Image

  6. Head to the Cactus

    The cactus we are looking for is towards the front of the desert. You will see the pretty obvious black X near it. Bring the shovel over to the location and dig at the spot. Davy Jones’s Locker will be uncovered, and if you open it you will get the Pirate Hat!Wacky Wizards Pirates Hat Step6 ImageWacky Wizards Pirates Hat Step6 Image

Here are some of the potions you can make with this ingredient:

  • 392: Davey-jones potion – Pirate Hat (Become Davy Jones)
  • 393: Parrot-friend potion – Bird + Pirate Hat (Get a parrot friend!)
  • 394: Captain-morph potion – Fish + Pirate Hat (Become a captain!)
  • 395: Doubloon-morph potion – You + Pirate Hat (Become a doubloon!)
  • 396: Eye-patch potion – Carrot + Pirate Hat (Get an eyepatch!)
  • 397: Pierre-pan potion – Fairy + Pirate Hat (Become pierre pan!)
  • 398: Pirate-bee potion – Honey + Pirate Hat (Aaaaarg bzzz bzzz!)
  • 399: Captain-hat potion – Brain + Pirate Hat (Get a captain’s hat)
  • 400: Pet-leg potion – Giraffe Hoof + Pirate Hat (Get a peg leg!)
  • 401: Pirate-pistol potion – Gun + Pirate Hat (Get a pirate pistol!)
  • 402: Squid-friend potion – Frog + Pirate Hat (Get a squid friend!)
  • 403: Pirate-sword potion – Pool Noodle + Pirate Hat (Get a swashbuckling sword!)
  • 404: Pirate-skeleton potion – Undead + Pirate Hat (Become a spooky pirate!)
  • 405: Treasure-bomb potion – Dynamite + Pirate Hat (Get a treasure bomb!)
  • 406: Treasure-poop potion – Rotten Sandwich + Pirate Hat (Poop treasure!)

That’s everything you need to know about finding the Pirate Hat in Wacky Wizards! There’s a whole lot of things you can create in this game, so make sure to check out our Wacky Wizards Ingredients List to learn what you can make.

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