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How to get the Glamicorn Purse Pet in Adopt Me

Roblox Adopt Me! has partnered up with Spin Master to create the Glamicorn Purse Pet item. This is a limited-time item that you can purchase with in-game money! If you want to nab this purse to have your pet wear in the game, we’ll show you exactly where you need to go to get it!

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Glamicorn Purse Pet

To get the Glamicorn Purse Pet, you will need to head to the hat shop on Adoption Island. This is in the center of the main area, and behind the Nursery. Look for the blue boat shaped building, and head inside of it.

Adopt Me Glamicorn Hat Area ImageAdopt Me Glamicorn Hat Area Image

Once you go inside, look to the right side of the area for the big sign that says Glamicorn Purse Pet on it. Interact with it and you can then pay 200 Bucks to get the item! It is available for a limited-time, so if you don’t have the in-game cash yet, make sure to do some chores and get that money!

Adopt Me Glamicorn Location ImageAdopt Me Glamicorn Location Image

Go to your inventory and you will find the Glamicorn Purse Pet pet wear item. You can then equip it to your pet and show off to the world that they have a fancy pet at their side!

That’s everything we know about getting the Glamicorn Purse Pet in Roblox Adopt Me! We have more details on the game in the Adopt Me section of our website.

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