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How to get the Fish in Wacky Wizards

If you’re starting out in Roblox Wacky Wizards then you’re going to need to make your way around the map to locate ingredients for potions. One of these permanent and free ingredients is the Fish! You can locate this orange little guy that looks like Nemo pretty easily if you know where to look. We’ll guide you through exactly where you need to go to find this useful ingredient!

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Where-to Find the Fish in Wacky Wizards

To get the Fish in Wacky Wizards, just head over to the waterfall area of the map. Once you’ve reached the water, dive down and swim towards the waterfall and to the left under the ledge. You will notice an opening under this ledge, which you can follow and will eventually locate the Fish ingredient!

The fish cave you can see from the image below is on the left side of the underwater area in the darkness below the ledge.

Fish cave location in Wacky WizardsFish cave location in Wacky Wizards

If you swim under that ledge and go left you will see a pathway to the fish. Keep swimming and grab the fish by clicking on it. Once you have it in your hand, hit the Teleport to Cauldron button to quickly return. Throw the fish into the pot to permanently unlock the fish for any future potion recipes!

Fish location in Wacky WizardsFish location in Wacky Wizards

That’s everything you need to know about finding the Fish in Wacky Wizards. If you want to know what you can make with this ingredient, check out our Wacky Wizards Potions list and Ingredients List!

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