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How to Get the Electro Enforcer in Fallout 76

The skies have been the focus of many players’ gazes since the launch of Fallout 76 in anticipation of aliens’ arrival to the Appalachian Wasteland. It was a long wait, but they’ve finally arrived and have brought tons of new rewards with them that can be won in Invaders from Beyond, the game’s latest seasonal event. One of the recently added items that can be won, the Electro Enforcer crafting plan, teaches players to make a new melee weapon that’s worth the grind for those who prefer to whack enemies rather than blasting them. This new two-handed melee weapon can be crafted as a level 20, 30, 40, or 50 item, and in its most basic form it does 35, 40, 45, 50 points in energy damage, respectively. Players need to have the Science Master Level 2 perk card equipped after learning the plan before they can make the Electro Enforcer, but it offers an exciting, energy-based alternative to other two-handed melee weapons like super sledges once it’s crafted. If melee isn’t your style, then the alien disintegrator may be a better prize for you to chase. Be sure to increase your chances of getting your own Electro Enforcer by using our up-to-date guide.

Fallout76 Alien 3 1 ImageFallout76 Alien 3 1 Image

Getting the Electro Enforcer Guide

The Electro Enforcer is one of the hot new weapons that was released in Fallout 76 with the introduction of the new Invaders from Beyond seasonal event. This event brings with it several new enemy types, each of them from outer space, who’ll provide a new test to players who’ve had their fill of the Scorchbeast Queen and Earle Williams. Along with a challenge, the new event offers players the opportunity to win awards like highly sought new crafting plans and powerful legendary weapons and armor. You have to either win the plan in the event or trade for the plan or the weapon itself with another player to get an Electro Enforcer in Fallout 76, so you’ll want to be sure you give yourself the best chance to win the plan yourself so you’re on the right side of the impending high demand for this item. Every hour the game will send out an announcement for everyone on the server to head to a different location for the start of the Invaders from Beyond seasonal event. It’ll take place at one of several places, such as the visually thrilling sundew groves. Be sure to head there in time to have a chance to get the Electro Enforcer!

Fallout76 Brainwave Siphon 3 ImageFallout76 Brainwave Siphon 3 Image

Take Each Opportunity to Get an Electro Enforcer

The key to getting the prize you want from one of Fallout 76’s seasonal events is to increase your opportunities to win one. This means you should take every possible chance to complete the event each hour until March 15 when the Invaders from Beyond seasonal event ends. The Electro Enforcer plan and the plans for its optional spiked, overcharged, freezing, or poisoned modifications can be each be won by completing the event. All you can do to get the Electro Enforcer besides trading is make sure you complete the event each time and hope for the best roll – there’s nothing you can do to make sure you win any specific reward. This means you must make certain to complete the event every time it’s available to have a chance of getting the Electro Enforcer plans. Unlike other seasonal events, it’s best to be logged on and ready to go at the top of the hour, if not a few minutes before. It isn’t unusual, just 5 minutes after the hour, for players to already be finished with the event, trading their prizes, and heading back to their C.A.M.P.s to prep for the next hour’s event. Don’t be late, or you may be sorry!

Fallout76 Alien Invader 2 ImageFallout76 Alien Invader 2 Image

Succeed in Each Opportunity to Get an Electro Enforcer

Invaders from Beyond doesn’t have different reward tiers based on how well the event is completed. This means that sloppily completing it in the nick of time has the same opportunity to win any reward as those who annihilate everything in a matter of minutes, so just make sure you finish it correctly however you can. With that said, this event can and has failed, so don’t let it happen to you! To complete the Invaders from Beyond seasonal event, players will clear 3 rounds where they’ll defeat waves of alien enemies that increasingly get more difficult and intense. Each round takes place at a different Brainwave Siphon, named Kappa, Omega, or Zeta, and players will have to complete each of the rounds before the aliens’ siphoning meter fills up.

Completing the different stages will require defeating 30 enemies that will include basic aliens with some variants like cryo or toxic aliens mixed in at first. There will also be alien drones zooming around to give you even more to handle. This will give way in the second round to alien invaders, a souped-up variant of the basic alien, along with devastating blasts from the sky courtesy of the mothership hovering above and even some Flatwoods Monsters to top it off. During the third round, the enemies will all be the same as round 2, but they’ll be even more tenacious and ferocious. Beating 30 regular aliens during each round will summon a boss for that stage, either Lieutenant Kappa, Captains Alpha and Omega, or the dreaded General Zeta, a formidable 3-star legendary who’s given even the game’s strongest players a tough battle. These relentless new enemies and the energy blasts from above can quickly empty your health bar, so be sure to equip some energy-resistant armor and ballistic ammo weapons to be the one who comes out on top!

This event is often pretty busy, and as such, there usually won’t be much trouble completing it or figuring out what to do when it’s crowded. If the event isn’t as packed, however, you may find yourself unsure of where to go. Be sure you’re familiar with the event’s layout and the general objectives so you don’t run out of time and lose! A good sign you’re in the wrong area is that you’re having a hard time finding many aliens – they usually swarm the active Brainwave Siphon, so look for a large mob of aliens to ensure you’re in the right area. Another way to fail the event is by allowing one of the bosses to stray away from their Brainwave Siphon. For example, if either Captain Alpha or Captain Omega, both floating alien drones, scoots away from their Brainwave Siphon for any reason, then the event could possibly fail. These two bosses can get a bit wayward as landed hits knock them around, so be sure this doesn’t happen and keep them close to the Brainwave Siphon. After all, you’ll need to destroy it to move to the next stage, so you’ll want to be near it!

Fallout76 Alien Drone 3 ImageFallout76 Alien Drone 3 Image

Maximize Each Opportunity to Get an Electro Enforcer

There isn’t anything you can specifically do during the event to improve your odds of getting an Electro Enforcer plan. There is, however, one way to generally increase your odds of getting any of the weapon or attachment plans still in the loot pool for the Invaders from Beyond seasonal event. The plans for weapons and their modifications that are awarded for completing the event will only drop until you learn them. This means they’ll be removed from the loot pool once you’ve learned them, which will effectively increase your chances of winning the other weapon or weapon attachment plans that are remaining. This is the way to go if you’re doing the event solely for one reward, such as the Electro Enforcer. Conversely, it may not be the best approach if you want to rule the Fallout 76 markets with stacks of these rare plans in a few weeks when availability drops and demand spikes! If you end up without one, you’ll have a competitive trade market to compete with, so bring plenty of caps and valuable items! You’ll have to decide which method suits you, but you have until March 15 to decide on the best option to try and get the Electro Enforcer!

Fallout76 Flatwoods Monster 2 ImageFallout76 Flatwoods Monster 2 Image

That’s everything there is to know so far about getting the new Electro Enforcer weapon plans in Fallout 76. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to check out the Fallout 76 section of our website for more!

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