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How to get the Chilli Pepper in Wacky Wizards

In Roblox Wacky Wizards, you will be looking to grab a variety of different ingredients around the world to create some pretty crazy potions. One of those items that you’re going to want to find is the Chilli Pepper. This item can be used to create some spicy and fiery potions! We’ll walk you through the process of getting it in this guide.

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Where-to Find the Chilli Pepper in Wacky Wizards

To get the Chilli Pepper in Wacky Wizards, you will need to head to the desert area with all of the cacti. Over in the corner at the beginning of the desert behind a cactus is some sand that looks a bit different than the rest of it. If you walk over this area, you will fall into an underground area. Drop down further and you will find an obstacle course that leads to the Chilli Pepper!

The sand area is in the corner near the start of the desert and right behind a cactus near the corner. Once you get close to it, you will notice that the sand that covers the underground area is a bit different. Jump down into this area to find the obstacle course.

Hidden sand location to the Chilli in Wacky WizardsHidden sand location to the Chilli in Wacky Wizards

Once you’ve fallen into the underground area, you will need to drop down another level to find where the Chilli is located. You can complete this area one of two ways. You can make your way across the pit via the various blocks that are placed there, or you can drink a potion like Mermaid (Fairy + Fish), Broom (Witches Brew + Fairy), or anything else that allows you to float or fly.

Obstacle course required to cross to get the Chilli in Wacky WizardsObstacle course required to cross to get the Chilli in Wacky Wizards

Once you reach the other side, grab the Chilli Pepper and teleport back to your cauldron. Throw the pepper into the pot and you will now have permanent access to the Chilli for all future recipes!

That’s everything you need to know about finding the Pepper in Wacky Wizards. If you want to know what you can make with this ingredient, check out our Wacky Wizards Potions list and Ingredients List!

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