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How to Get the Alien Disintegrator in Fallout 76

Aliens have finally arrived in Fallout 76, but that’s not what everyone’s talking about! The alien disintegrator, one of the new weapons introduced to the game with the most recent update, is what’s driving people every hour to the shadows of an alien mothership. Firing 25 alien blaster rounds per clip, the alien disintegrator can be crafted as a level 20, 30, 40, or 50 weapon with base damages of 25, 31, 36, and 40, respectively. It also gives a chance to, predictably, disintegrate enemies, making you an even bigger threat. As the high-value trades and massive price tags may imply, it isn’t easy to get, but you can give yourself the best shot at getting one by using our guide!

Getting the Alien Disintegrator Guide

The only ways to get the alien disintegrator are through trading or by winning the plans as a reward for completing the Invaders from Beyond seasonal event. If you win the plans, then you’ll be able to make as many as you want for yourself and the hungry market of players seeking their own. Better yet, you can also win several attachment plans for the alien disintegrator that can make it even stronger (in fact, you can win the attachment plans before even winning the plans for the weapon itself). There are a few things you can do to increase your odds of landing the alien disintegrator plans, although there isn’t really a trick to being certain you’ll win any specific reward. The best you can do to win them is to be sure to set your clock and successfully complete the event at the top of every hour until March 15 when the event ends. You’ll win a beer stein on your first run like in other seasonal events, but it’s a dice roll for plans upon completion beyond that. Depending on your luck, you may have to run the event a lot before you get your hands on some alien disintegrator plans, so success each run is crucial!

Fallout76 Alien 1 ImageFallout76 Alien 1 Image

Run the Event Successfully and Often

You obviously get nothing if you don’t finish the event, so be sure to run it correctly so you have a chance to win alien disintegrator plans. Every hour there will be a global announcement the event is beginning, and players will be invited to travel to one of several locations to complete the event. Be sure to get there in time and investigate Brainwave Siphon Kappa, as there will only be 5 minutes to start the event before having to wait another hour for it to start again elsewhere. Your goal is to finish each round of the event before the Brainwave Siphon meter fills up, so you’ll be racing to advance through the stages in time. Players will find three Brainwave Siphons (Kappa, Omega, and Zeta) that will serve as sites of the event’s different rounds.

You’ll need to complete 3 rounds where you’ll have to fight increasingly difficult waves of alien visitors. Defeating 30 aliens will summon a boss fight for each stage. After beating each boss, you’ll have to destroy the nearby Brainwave Siphon to complete the stage. Completing the third round will require defeating General Zeta, a 3-star legendary, so be ready to fight! There aren’t different levels of completion – it’s either all or nothing, so be sure to just finish it!

Fallout76 Brainwave Siphon ImageFallout76 Brainwave Siphon Image

It may seem impossible to fail this event sometimes, and at times the most difficult part can be getting a shot in with tons of players around. Nonetheless, there are a few ways the event can possibly fail, so you want to be sure to avoid them. Sometimes there aren’t many other players around – maybe you’re playing late or on a private server. In this case, it’ll be important to be familiar with where the Brainwave Siphons are for each possible event location. Not only is destroying them required to complete each stage, but the aliens you’ll need to eliminate each round will be spawning in highest concentration near them. If you are unsure of where to go and don’t have a crowd of fellow alien slayers to follow, then you may find yourself running out of time due to not knowing where to go.

Another way to fail the event seems to be leading the bosses for each stage too far from their Brainwave Siphon. An example of this is the fight with General Zeta on top of the Charleston Capitol Building. The general has a chance to fall off the roof during the battle and meander away from the Brainwave Siphon, which can possibly cause the event to fail. Failing the event leaves you without a shot at the alien disintegrator plans (or any rewards at all), so be sure this doesn’t happen to you!

Manage Your Odds

All the plans for weapons and their attachments from this event will not drop after you learn them. This means you can learn them once you get them to strengthen your chances of getting the other plans (and of course to use the ones you won). On the other hand, they’ll remain in the loot pool if you leave the plans in your inventory without learning them, and these plans can be traded with other players. This means you can try and stockpile these plans that are in high demand now but are sure to be even more coveted once the event is over and availability is even lower. You’ll likely be able to find many nice offers for these plans, but the caveat is that you may end up getting several plans of everything except the alien disintegrator, so make this bet wisely!

Fallout76 Mothership 1 ImageFallout76 Mothership 1 Image

Player Trading

There is still hope of getting yourself some alien disintegrator plans if you’re unable to roll them in the Invaders from Beyond Event. Many players are offering to trade after the event when they aren’t satisfied their rewards. Maybe you have something they’d prefer? You can also check the LFG or online forum markets for your platform, as there are often players offering trades there. There are plenty of offers right now for people trading alien disintegrator plans, but be prepared to pay up. Last but not least, Fallout 76 is known for its friendly community, so have a good attitude, participate, share, and throw some heart emojis. It’s not at all uncommon for players to charitably drop some of the rarest plans in the game for other players to freely grab. If anything, you may at least be able to find someone willing to make you the gun (rather than trade you the plan) for a low price or even for free!

Fallout76 Alien Drone 1 ImageFallout76 Alien Drone 1 Image

That’s everything you need to know about getting the alien disintegrator plans from Fallout 76’s Invaders from Beyond seasonal event. Once you get your alien disintegrator, be sure to check out the multiple attachments you can win from the same event and equip it with the best loadout. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to check out the Fallout 76 section of our website for more!

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