How to get Robux in Wacky Wizards

Just about every Roblox player is after Robux, but in Wacky Wizards you can actually get some for free! Unfortunately, they aren’t usable to purchase anything, and can only be used as an ingredient in potions. Well, that will have to do, because if you want to complete your Potion Book, you’re going to need to get the Robux ingredient! We’ll tell you exactly how to do it in this easy to follow guide.

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Where-to Find Robux in Wacky Wizards

Time needed: 10 minutes.

To get Robux in Wacky Wizards, you will need to fight the Mr. Rich boss that spawns in the game every hour. If you and the players in your game can bring the cyclops down, it will drop a Cyclops Eye that you can turn in for the Robux ingredient!

  1. Fight Mr. Rich Cyclops Boss

    When you enter into the game, look over near the waterfall for the countdown board. This will alert you to how long you have to wait for the Mr. Rich boss fight to spawn. Once it goes all zeroes, which is at the start of each hour, you and the rest of the players in the game will be engaged in the fight!Wacky Wizards Cyclops Event ImageWacky Wizards Cyclops Event Image

  2. Shoot Potions at Mr. Rich

    Once the fight begins, you will need to create some kind of damaging potion to launch at the boss. This can be an Explosion Potion (Dynamite) or an Explosive Hot Potion (Dynamite & Chilli). Once you have a potion, run to the center where there’s a cannon with a witch’s hat on it. Click on it to load the cannon with the potion, and it will fire at the boss automatically. Keep doing this until the boss runs out of health and is defeated!Wacky Wizards Launch Potions ImageWacky Wizards Launch Potions Image

  3. Collect the Cyclops Eye

    Once Mr. Rich goes down he will drop the Cyclops Eye as loot. A bunch of them drop, so just go to where his body disappeared and you should find a bunch of them. Click on one to put it in your hand. Once you’ve grabbed it, you will notice a set of blue arrows pointing in the direction of where you need to take it!Wacky Wizards Cyclops Eye Loot ImageWacky Wizards Cyclops Eye Loot Image

  4. Give the Cyclops Eye to Oz the Wizard

    Follow the blue arrows over to Oz the Wizard’s cave. Once you enter his hut, the Cyclops Eye should disappear and you will find that you have Robux in your hand instead. It can be a bit laggy at times, so try interacting with Oz as well if it doesn’t happen automatically. Once you see the Robux in your hand, teleport back to your cauldron, place it in the pot, and brew a potion to add it as a permanent item to your ingredients table!Wacky Wizards Robux Item ImageWacky Wizards Robux Item Image

  5. Optional Step: Grab a Cyclops Eye and Make the Mr. Rich Potion

    There might be some extra Cyclops Eyes lying around, so grab one of those and throw it in your pot to make a the Mr. Rich potion. If you drink this it will transform your character into a smaller version of the Mr. Rich boss. It’s a pretty cool looking skin, so give it a try!

That’s everything you need to know about finding Robux in Wacky Wizards. If you want to know what you can make with this ingredient, check out our Wacky Wizards Potions list and Ingredients List!

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