How to get red bronze ingots in Roblox Islands

Red Bronze wasn’t a super impressive resource when it first released, but now with the Oil Update being added to Roblox Islands it has become a whole lot more valuable. If you’re in need of a bunch of this newly useful ingredient, then you’re going to need to do a fair amount of mining and refining!

Crafting Red Bronze

To get red bronze ingots in Islands, you will need to have a red bronze refinery and input 30x copper ingots and 2x gold ingots to create one red bronze ingot. You can create a Red Bronze Refinery by using 100 steel plates, 250 copper rods, and 25 steed rods with a tier 3 workbench!

Copper can be obtained at a resource island that spawns in your world, which can then be drilled by placing a drill on the copper deposit. You can then smelt it into copper ingots at an Industrial Smelter.

Gold can be a lot more difficult to come by, and you will need to head to places like Buffalkor Island and the Diamond Mines if you want to mine it yourself. If you’re further along in the game, you can also get gold by drilling it similarly to how you would with copper. However, you will have to wait for a gold resource island to spawn in your world.

The Red Bronze Refinery can be a pretty difficult thing to build, because you’re going to need a lot of steel plates, copper rods, and steel rods! Below, you’ll find all of the stuff you need to create one.

Steel plates will require you to create a Steel Press, which needs you to be at level 32 forging. This piece of machinery has a recipe of 100 copper plates, 250 copper rods, and 25 steel rods.

Islands Copper Press ImageIslands Copper Press Image

Copper rods need a Copper Press, which is slightly less expensive than the Steel Press. You will need 5 steel rods and 500 copper ingots for it.

At least with the steel rods you will need, you can always use an Anvil to make them. You will need 25 steel ingots for each rod. Steel requires you to have a Steel Mill which you can then process iron ingots into steel with!

Alternatively, you can just go always buy some red bronze ingots from other players by using the explore option on the side of the screen. You will be paying high market prices due to the recent release of the oil update to the game and the renewed interest in these ingots.

Your other option is purchasing some of the machinery you need rather than making it yourself. Using coins is always the preferred method to obtaining items if possible. You can do a lot of different things to get coins, and grinding out all of these machines and items you need will take a while if you haven’t been working on them in the past!

That’s everything about the getting red bronze ingots in Roblox Islands. Be sure to check out the Islands section of our website for more details on many things about the game!

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