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How to get PogChamp achievement in Pet Simulator X

If you’re a big time achievement hunter in games, then you’ve no doubt noticed the PogChamp achievement that was added in the first update of Roblox Pet Simulator X. This achievement is interesting because the description reads, “You will never get this achievement.” That has intrigued a lot of players, so we’re going to explore what is known about it in this post.

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PogChamp Achievement

To get the PogChamp achievement in Pet Simulator X, you will need to head over to Spawn World where all of the eggs can be purchased. Once you arrive, run out away from the eggs and to the left side of the map. Look for the big blue building that’s next to the VIP Only area.

This has been removed from the game now, you can no longer access the area!

Before heading over, make sure you’ve reached rank IMPOSSIBLE or Higher. You won’t be able to get through the door otherwise!

Pet Sim X Pog Cat Location ImagePet Sim X Pog Cat Location Image

Go close to the door of that blue building and type into the chat “knock knock” and hit enter. If you’re close enough to the door, you will then be transported into a dark area with a single egg. You will also receive the PogChamp achievement, and get your very own free Pog Cat!

Pet Sim X Pog Cat ImagePet Sim X Pog Cat Image

The egg is purchasable for 11 billion Fantasy Coins, and has Pog Cat and various other Pog pets to collect. These eggs will only be available for a limited amount of time and will be gone on September 18th, 2021! So, make sure to grab them as soon as you can to add them to your collection.

Pet Sim X Pog Egg ImagePet Sim X Pog Egg Image

This finally concludes the mystery of receiving the PogChamp achievement! It was a long process, and while it is a bit disappointing it was this simple to achieve, at least the saga is now over with!

That’s everything we know about the PogChamp achievement in Roblox Pet Simulator X! If you want to learn more about the game, be sure to check out the Pet Simulator X section of our site.

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